Which Treats Do You Bring Home From WDW?

I’m incredibly lucky to live as close as I do to Walt Disney World. I’m always speaking with people and have made many friends who don’t have that luxury. They have some serious traveling (and the facing of such related struggles) to get here. But they make it happen, whether it’s dealing with a layover in Atlanta or driving through the night. Trust me, I’ve been there. Whether it was my mom packing my sisters and me up to drive through the night from Pennsylvania, or freaking out about an impending snowstorm affecting my January flight out of Maine, I’ve been there.

mickey-chocolate-cake-pop-closeMickey Cake Pop

That being said, how do YOU bring some of the Disney magic home, in terms of food? Friends that live in my neck of the woods often bring home Matterhorn Macaroons when they visit Disneyland. Others who drive to WDW go home with some Earl of Sandwich. Others find packaged treats that will hold up will in their luggage.

earl-of-sandwich-holiday-turkey-crossEarl of Sandwich’s Holiday Turkey

When I was a kid, I always loved those clear cubes that were filled with different candies. I remember having a Little Mermaid one filled with candy sea shells, and I recall Epcot (possibly with Figment) and Donald Duck ones filled with brightly colored tart candy pellets or Spree. I later would always have to go home with several boxes of Botan Rice from Mitsukoshi in Epcot’s Japan pavilion. I passed the Botan Rice bug onto my sisters, and I still send them a box or two if my mom neglects to pick some up for them while she visits. 😉

 botan_rice_candy_box_2A Childhood Classic: Botan Rice Candy

These days, I don’t have the need to bring home “souvenirs,” though I do often bring home treats to review so I can enjoy them over a few days. Are you able to bring home some Cake Pops, Candy Apples or Marshmallow Wands? Do you stick to savory and pack a small cooler for some Earl’s? Are you more apt to grab an assortment of prepackaged treats for yourself or friends? Do you prefer to do your shopping in World Showcase at Epcot?

 goofy-chesire-cat-apple-pie-candy-applesCandy Apples

MickeysCheddar Mickeys

Let us know! Add your favorite food souvenirs in the comments below, or post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!


10 responses to “Which Treats Do You Bring Home From WDW?

  1. I love the rice candy for the ridiculous sticker prizes! They never make any sense and it’s awesome.

  2. I’m such a sucker for those stickers! I recall when they used to come with tattoos. 🙂 Have you tried the “fancy” ones? They’re a bit more expensive, but they’re definitely a bit more refined!

  3. A couple pieces of fudge may have snuck into my carry on once or twice…..

  4. Do you buy 6 pieces so you get the discount? 🙂

  5. I always bring home a bunch of those Mickey-shaped rice krispie treats on sticks. Both chocolate-dipped and plain. I give some away but mostly I keep them for me. They stay fresh for a kind of disturbingly long time, and they’re just simple and super comforting to me. 🙂

  6. They do stay “fresh” for a while, don’t they? All the more reason to keep most of them for yourself! 😉 I once made them at home (sans stick) to bring in to a Halloween party at work. They were a hit with the kids!

  7. Even though I’m a local as well, I always have to bring home a gingerbread Mickey. I’m a sucker for those chocolate-covered ears.

  8. Nice to hear a local chime in! It’s amazing how those Mickey shapes easily lure you in! 🙂

  9. We always leave with three or four bags of Goofy’s Sour Balls…cherry only. And only break them open when we’re truly homesick for WDW.

  10. You know what? I’ve never had them. I’ll have to pick up a bag to review next time I’m on property. Love cherry and sour stuff! Let me know if you ever run out and need me to send a bag. 🙂