Earl of Sandwich Menu Update

Back on April 9, @FloridaPlunge posted a pic of the updated menu from Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney in WDW:

I stopped by today to grab some pics myself and shared them on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. I also wanted to post them here in case you aren’t on the additional social media sites.


I noted some substantial changes and tweeted them to our friends Nick and Nora of Extra WDW Magic, with whom we took the Eat Each Sandwich Challenge last year:

Now, I would imagine you could still get the Best BLT (just hold the Avocado from the Avocado BLT), but I’m really surprised to see Cannonballs! go. Many of the full size sandwiches have increased in price of 50 cents (approx. 8.3%) along with salads and wraps, and sodas have increased $1-$1.50, making them on par with what you’ll pay in the parks, and higher.


As for the rumor of the overall size of the sandwich being reduced, I’m not sure I really saw that (I did place an order – review to come). I’m wondering if many of the fillings are getting scaled back a bit. With commodities prices on the rise (especially with the current droughts on the west coast affecting livestock and produce), it was inevitable, especially since they’ve remained at $5.99 as far back as 2011 (at least in my records, and likely longer). You’ll be seeing the increases at the grocery store, too, if you haven’t already.




Needless to say, I’m glad we took that challenge last year! The price increase on the food items doesn’t really bother me, as that’s what prices do over time. I get it. It’s the price of business. I will say the soda prices are a bit much, but perhaps they had to up those so substantially in order to keep the increase on the sandwiches down. There are also no RFID chips in the cups limiting refills for a family of four sharing a small soda. Also consider they very likely have increasing rent costs associated with their lease on the space each year. Just trying to put some perspective on things. 🙂

An extra 50 cents or $1 for two of us to order sandwiches isn’t going to break the bank, and it’s not going to stop me from seeking out Earl of Sandwich when the craving strikes. Others are pretty upset on the changes, both with the menu offerings and price increases (and Earl of Sandwich fans are some vocal ones!).

Are you okay with the price increases? Has one of your favorites been added or removed? Sound off in the comments! 



2 responses to “Earl of Sandwich Menu Update

  1. Really hoping they add the All American back on rotation by November. I order it without the turkey meat since I’m a veggie but the cranberry plus mayo combom is to die for.

  2. I would imagine you could still special order the All American as they do still have all the ingredients for it on hand. 🙂