Easter Egg Mickey Cake Pop

While I’m typically not a big sweets or chocolate fan, I do like WDW’s Cake Pops. We’ve sampled a couple here on the blog, including a traditional version as well as Jack Skellington. I like how the cake is more on the fudgy-brownie side, and while rich, aren’t overly sweet. This egg-shaped pop caught my eye, primarily due to its vibrant Sulley-esque colors.


The chocolate cake pop is dipped in a thick coat of white chocolate and adorned by two chocolate wafer ears. I wasn’t a fan of the white chocolate on the Jack Skellington pop, as I found it a bit cloying. I didn’t get that so much this time around, even being decorated in sugar. I liked the crunch the sugar gave this pop.


The cake was quite dense, as expected from previous pops. The wafer ears were forgettable and rather chalky in texture.


I’m probably one of the only people in the world that can make a cake pop last a couple days! I’ve cut off a piece here and there for just a bit of something sweet when the craving hits. If the Easter Egg Mickey Cake Pop is still available (also in pink with purple!), it’s likely in its final days with the holiday having passed. It’s worth ordering for its whimsy, but fortunately you can always order a Mickey version if you’re not in town!

Which is your favorite way to enjoy a cake pop?


5 responses to “Easter Egg Mickey Cake Pop

  1. Are these worthwhile for someone whose favorite part of a cake is the frosting?

  2. I immediately thought of Sully when I saw the picture too. I can’t imagine that I would enjoy a cake pop (like Jenn, I’m all about frosting), but the cuteness is hard to resist.

  3. The cake pop is definitely a different breed, where the cake is more like a fudgy brownie, and there’s enough going you don’t really miss the frosting. 🙂

  4. My favorite way to enjoy a cake pop is in one big bite, followed by another, and another, and another…..

  5. Haha! Well, that’s certainly another way to do it!