The Artist’s Palette’s Egg Florentine Breakfast Wrap

Last Summer I stopped by The Artist’s Palette at Saratoga Springs Resort for breakfast. I was torn between two items: Egg Florentine Breakfast Wrap and the Country Breakfast Burrito. Although I chose the Country Burrito that visit, I still wanted to try the Egg Florentine, filled with eggs, spinach, onion and cheese in a spinach tortilla. Upon receiving my order, it appeared small; a fair amount smaller than the aforementioned burrito and some other breakfast wraps/burritos I’ve had on property. I had seen the same order being brought out to a table and thought, “Oh, they must have a kids portion as well.”


Despite my initial thought on its size, it was indeed packed with fillings. There were lots of scrambled eggs and a decent amount of spinach. The onions had been sweated down a bit, softening them and releasing a bit a sweetness, but they still retained a fairly strong flavor. If you don’t like onions, you’ll definitely want to request this wrap without, as they are prominent.


The cheese was nicely melted and tasted like mozzarella. It was very mild, but it didn’t get lost with the other flavors. I think feta would have added a nice pop of flavor. Because the wrap was wrapped tight, there were some areas heavy on the tortilla layers. By no means a complaint – simply an observation.


In all, I liked the Egg Florentine Breakfast Wrap. As a vegetarian option, I think it’s a good one that was very filling and had enough savory flavors and protein that you wouldn’t miss the meat. While the Country Breakfast Burrito was very good, I liked this wrap more and would likely lean toward ordering it given the choice between the two.

Have you tried the Egg Florentine Breakfast Wrap from The Artist’s Palette? Do you have a different breakfast favorite you like to order?


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