Mickey Macaron

These Mickey Macarons (or Macaroons, as their sign states), can be found at several places on Disney property (and in Disneyland as well for you West Coasters!). They have been created in different colors for the seasons and holidays, including fall, Christmas, and spring/Easter. Pastel blue, yellow and purple were on display when I decided to pick one up from Goofy’s Candy Co. at Downtown Disney, and the blue popped out the most to me. For only $2.49, they’re less than half the price as the ones you’ll find in Epcot’s France pavilion (ringing in at $5.75, and the Flower & Garden version is $5), and although they’re a bit less refined in appearance, everything tastes better when it’s shaped like Mickey, right? 🙂


The macaron was filled with yellow lemon creme. I really enjoyed the brightness of its flavor, with a slight tartness against the sweet snap of the macaron pastry.


These sizable macarons have a bit more loft compared to their Epcot siblings, but they still feature a delicate crumb and a crispy-yet-chewy texture.


For those of you on the dining plan, these are available as a Snack Credit, but their low price point warrants paying cash and saving that credit for something with a higher value. I’ll probably pick one of these up now and again, especially as seasons and flavors change.

Have you tried one of the Mickey Macarons on either coast? Which flavor did you have?


6 responses to “Mickey Macaron

  1. Were the innards more of a frosting or a curd? I’m guessing a frosting; from the photo the texture looks like what you might find on the inside of a packaged sandwich cookie. Was each color a different flavor?

  2. More of a frosting. Not as dry as say, an Oreo; creamier, but not a curd. I believe the filling was the same flavor in all three, as the CM didn’t mention they were different when I asked for the blue macaron, but she did note the blue cake pop I requested was chocolate.

  3. eek! that sign misspelling bugs me. the extra “o” implies a coconut cookie like the Matterhorn macaroon! Attention to detail, Disney!

  4. Yup! Two meringue-based but very different (and delicious!) treats! 🙂

  5. I was very disappointed in these when we had one from Writer’s Stop at the Studios. I love macarons (agree with the comment above that Disney should know better) and this one was dry and disappointing to me. The “cookie” portion should be crispy on the outside but moist on the inside and these were just dry and crusty. I won’t be doing that again. I’ll stick with the macaron ice cream sandwich over at Epcot.

  6. Oh no! Mine was the way it should be. Maybe yours was stale or something? 😦