Tables in Wonderland: An Evening at Markham’s Part 1

We have an AMAZING treat for you! A few weeks ago, we announced a Tables in Wonderland special dinner, “An Evening at Markham’s.” The event was limited to 30 guests, and Matt and I were two of the fortunate people to secure a reservations as it sold out in THREE MINUTES!


I’m still working on editing photos and writing the actual review, but I wanted to give you a taste of the experience in the meantime. Photos of the property were prohibited, and I wasn’t going to take any chances. Seriously, when we left, there were security vehicles and guards blocking the roads to the residential streets to prevent anyone from exploring.


Our experience took place at the Summerhouse at Golden Oak, where we started at Tyler’s lounge for the reception. Here, we were served Saison Dupont (one of the beer selections of Be Our Guest, among other places on property) and an assortment of appetizers, presented by Chef de Cuisine Phillip Ponticelli of Citricos.


The first appetizer we sampled was the Preserved Lemon Chicken with Warm Pita. Here it is alongside the Saison Dupont.


We both thought this appetizer was very good, but it was very lemony. I like lemon a lot, but for some reason I’m not crazy about it paired with chicken. I enjoyed the brininess of the olive in this execution as it helped balance the lemon for me.



Next up was the Wild-Caught Octopus with Roasted Potatoes. Matt was a bit nervous about this one due to the octopus, but it ended up being his favorite of the three.


The octopus was expertly prepared and incredibly tender. It was a little spicy and smoky from the use of harissa. Of course, I was the guinea pig to have to take the first bite, but once he saw my eyes light up as I ate it, he was ready to try it for himself.


Finally was the Focaccia Crostini. This was my favorite of the three.


The focaccia was topped with lardo and crispy fried shallots. It took all of my willpower to not just take that entire wooden tray and grab a seat to enjoy. If I see this on a menu anywhere on property, I can guarantee I will be ordering it!


After the appetizers, we were seated in Markham’s. The room is really gorgeous, and became even more beautiful as the sun set. We’ll have some more pics in part 2!



This is where we’ll leave off for today, but until the next post, take a look at the menu! It was seriously every bit as delicious as it reads. Going through the photos is NOT easy, but I’m really going to enjoy writing up this review for you! 😀



See you for Part 2, and be sure to come hungry!


2 responses to “Tables in Wonderland: An Evening at Markham’s Part 1

  1. What an amazing event. We had a great time. Do you have any photos of all the chefs at the end? Mine did not turn out and I want to frame one with the menu. Please help if possible. Thanks!

  2. Mine’s a bit dark, but I’ll send it along in case it’s better!