Dinner at House of Blues

Saturday night brought Dropkick Murphys to House of Blues at Downtown Disney, and in order to take advantage of Pass the Line (more on that in a few), my friends and I grabbed dinner at the restaurant beforehand. Please forgive the iPhone photos – we cabbed it to avoid the ridiculous parking situation at Downtown Disney, so I couldn’t bring the real camera. So let’s jump right in!

Matt ordered the Half Rack of St. Louis Ribs, described as a slow cooked rack of ribs rubbed with adobo spice covered in smoked tomato BBQ sauce, served with drunken beans and citrus champagne slaw. He enjoyed the ribs at The Smokehouse a few months ago, and while not the best ever, they were quite good. They sounded similar in their preparation, so he figured he’d give them a try.


Unfortunately, these were not as well prepared as the ones from The Smokehouse. He said they were tough, and while the sauce was pretty good, he had trouble getting through the half rack. Fortunately he didn’t go for the full rack!


The Drunken Beans, according to Matt, were fine. He did mention that there was a good consistency between beans and sauce.


The Citrus Champagne Slaw was pretty good, with nice acidity and bit of sweetness. It came with both our orders and I had no problem finishing mine.


I ordered the Buttermilk Fried Chicken: fried chicken marinated in buttermilk and adobo spice served with citrus champagne slaw and red rose garlic mashed potatoes topped with cotija cheese and applewood bacon. This entree is one of the pricier ones ($18.99, I believe), but it is HUGE. You literally receive half a chicken.


There was a thick coat of breading on the chicken, which separated easily from the meat, which was very moist. I found myself picking at the breading when I was “done” eating, and I realized it did have a flour-y flavor, like when a roux doesn’t have a chance to cook out its flavor. I could see myself ordering this again to split with Matt if we found ourselves at HoB craving fried chicken, or if I’m able to take home the leftovers, but it isn’t a must-order for me. I might consider heading to the nearby Sassagoula Floatworks at Port Orleans French Quarter for theirs.


The Red Rose Garlic Mashed Potatoes were decent. They were really thick though. I liked the bacon with them, but the cotija cheese was lost. I was fine with just a couple bites. Matt seemed to like them though.


My dinner definitely won between the two. It sounds like the ribs may have been having an off day, and had they been like the ones Matt had from the The Smokehouse, he’d have been a lot happier.

If it wasn’t for Pass the Line, we might have had dinner somewhere else. Each guest must spend $20 on food and beverages in order to qualify (we were told by a different waiter that it was food only). There were a lot of guests that took advantage of the offer, and while the “Pass the Line” line was wrapping around the side of the building, the actual line was just as long, starting in the back of the building. If your hoping to get in front of the stage or snag one of the very few seats, you might find it worth it, but you’ll still need to line up early depending on the show.

Have you tried either the St. Louis Ribs or Buttermilk Fried Chicken at House of Blues? Do you have an entree you like to order?


2 responses to “Dinner at House of Blues

  1. There is bread pudding on that menu. I am quite put out with Matt for not ordering it. 😉

  2. Oh trust me, he pointed it out! Our group needed to move on to Splitsville to drink our dessert before the concert. 😉