Snacks from Japan: Karikari Ume

Our “Snacks from…” series treats you to different snacks found in the World Showcase pavilions at Epcot. Find more reviews here! Continuing our series, we head to Mitsukoshi in the Japan Pavilion!

I’m not a stranger to umeboshi, having enjoyed the “plum” in bottles of sake  and the flavor on potato chips before. In fact, I vaguely remember trying one of these style karikari ume many years ago. Clearly, that was long before the start of the blog.



The package costs $2.99 and comes with 6 individually wrapped plums.


The tiny fruit is somewhat firm with a soft skin. It has a very fine fuzz on the skin as well, but less than a peach. The pit remains inside the fruit, so be cautious when you bite into one!


The pit takes up a sizable space within the fruit. As you can see, there is some juiciness that remains inside. They’re a bit sweet with some tartness. These aren’t as mouth-puckering as you might expect. While not necessarily a snack I’d keep on hand, they’re a fun and unexpected item to try that you likely won’t run into at you average major supermarket. I think karikari ume bridges the gap between the common treats like Pocky and the more unfamiliar snacks like dried seafood. These would be a interesting snack for a family to enjoy together and see what everyone thinks of the ume.


Here is a closer look at the ingredients:


Have you every tried Karikari Ume? What are your thoughts on it?


2 responses to “Snacks from Japan: Karikari Ume

  1. I just learned on our trip to Japan that umeboshi are actually pickled apricots! That’s why the skin is slightly fuzzy. No idea why they’re always translated as plums. Will have to try these on our next trip.

  2. I’m sure it’s just one of those “lost in translation” things! 🙂