Weinkeller’s Artisanal Cheese Plate

Weinkeller, the shop in Epcot’s Germany pavilion that sells an assortment of wine and features a small wine bar, also serves an Artisanal Cheese Plate. Matt and I we escaping the heat and enjoying some beers, so wandered into the shop and settled in at a table to relax. Getting a bit hungry, Matt decided to order the cheese plate for a light snack.



The Artisanal Cheese Plate, per the sign, comes with three cheeses, sliced Alpine Ham and a Pretzel Stick. The $5.00 price tag seemed like a fair price, and while there was no explanation of the cheeses when he ordered, Matt didn’t ask either. We didn’t worry too much about it, though, and just dove right in.


The first cheese was a mild, semi-soft cheese, possibly Muenster. Matt said it reminded him of something he had when he was a kid. To me it seemed like it would be a great cheese for melting. The Alpine ham was incredibly smoky. Like, Rome burning in Spaceship Earth smoky. We both really liked it, but could easily see it being off-putting for others.


The second cheese was likely Cambozola. Again, the flavor was very mild and a bit firmer than a traditional Brie. While Matt’s typically not a fan of Brie-like cheese, he didn’t mind this one. The pretzel stick didn’t really have the pretzel flavor anticipated, but that didn’t prevent us from enjoying each crunchy bite.


The third was likely cheddar, and while it had the most pronounced flavor of the three to us, it was again relatively mild. I like the quick-pickled cucumbers, reminding me a lot of the cucumber salad I make at home, with a strong, vinegary bite.


While not a mind-blowing selection, the Artisanal Cheese Plate is certainly a nice addition to Weinkeller and something we’ll revisit on future trips. It’s a nice little plate to share, and I’d love to see more things like this in some of the other pavilions (hint, hint: Canada). If you’re looking to escape the sun for a few minutes, this is recommended way to do it. Considering the cost and portion of a cheese plate during Food & Wine Festival, it’s a darn good value, too.

If you’ve tried the Artisanal Cheese Plate from Weinkeller, let us know what you thought of it!


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