A Quick Snack at Big River: Jalapeno Spinach Cheese Dip & Beer

Over the weekend, Matt and I stopped by Big River Grille & Brewing Works at the BoardWalk Inn to check out their recently tapped Belgian Golden Strong. Ringing in at a whopping 9.2% ABV, the beer does not mess around. We gave it a sample, and while it had a good flavor, it was a bit to rich for me to enjoy a full glass. Kelli of Exploring Orlando tackled it, though, so check out her thoughts! I decided to go with one of my favorites, the Steamboat Pale Ale.

big-river-grille-and-brewing-works-steamboat-pale-aleSteamboat Pale Ale

It was around lunchtime when we arrived, and my stomach was rumbling as I’d yet to eat that day. We decided to order their Jalapeno Spinach Cheese Dip. We’d ordered it once before several years ago and were fans, and it seemed like a good option for sharing.


They still use the same thick chips as before, and while they hold up well to the thick queso, I’ve developed a taste for thinner, lighter ones over the past few years. However, they wouldn’t hold up to this dip, which is relative mild and is light on spinach, just as before. Matt noted that he liked that the chips had a good salt level to them.


In all, it was a good start to our day at Epcot. We got a bit of food to hold us over and a delicious beer, and you can’t go wrong with that! It was also a nice change of pace to our normal haunt, ESPN (don’t worry, we capped off our day with a beer there as well!). And while I may not have been too keen on drinking an entire Belgian Golden Strong, I look forward to their next brew!

Do you ever stop into Big River Grille & Brewing Works? Do you have a favorite beer or dish?

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