Pizza Planet’s Meatball Sub

Pizza Planet at Hollywood Studios is certainly not a top pick for me when it comes to a quick service lunch. It’s usually loud and busy, thanks to the video games and kids running around largely unsupervised (don’t get me wrong, I would have been begging Mom for quarters too if I had this when I was 7). For some sanity, your best option is to make your way to the upstairs section for a table, which can be an acrobatic feat for some carrying trays of food and drinks for more than two people.


I was hungry and walking by, and Mama Melrose’s wasn’t open yet (the only open reservation was for a good hour and a half later), so I decided to brave the restaurant. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know my distaste for the style of pizza served here. I know some that love it, a lot that won’t touch it, and others who could take it or leave it. On my last visit to Pizza Planet, I ordered the Antipasto Salad, which was quite good. This time, I decided to order the Meatball Sub.


The Meatball Sub is an item I’ve had from Disney in the past. Before I started the blog, I had a good one from Electric Umbrella at Epcot. Way back in 2011, Matt had a bland one at Old Port Royale at Caribbean Beach Resort. I’ve also had a difficult-to-eat version from Landscape of Flavors. But the one that stood out that made me want to order was the one from Electric Umbrella.


There was a lot of melted cheese on the sub, so extra points for that. The bread’s exterior was crisp, and the inside had a good chew. And the meatballs were nicely seasoned.


My only complaint was that this sandwich was not even lukewarm. It was almost as if it was sitting under a heat lamp since the restaurant opened 45 minutes prior. I was disappointed, but not bothered enough to lose my table to get a fresh one. Had it been hot and fresh, it would have reminded me of the one I had a craving for. That being said, I would definitely give Pizza Planet another chance on this and order it again. Even when hot, it’s not the best Meatball Sub I’ve had, but it hits the spot when a craving for one hits. (Now, Earl of Sandwich, when are you going to bring back Cannonballs?)


Prices have gone up since last August, when I had the Antipasto Salad.

pizza-planet-menu-1-62114Pizzas are up 20 cents, Meatball Sub up 50 cents

pizza-planet-menu-2-62114The Antipasto Salad remains unchanged, as do the Kids’ Meals and Power Pack Lunch. The Cappuccino Cupcake is up a whopping 60 cents, and the Chocolate Chip Cookie is up 20 cents.

What do you like to order when you go to Pizza Planet? Do you stick to the pizzas, or avoid them and opt for the Antipasto Salad or the Meatball Sub?


4 responses to “Pizza Planet’s Meatball Sub

  1. I do like Pizza planet. I have a hard time finding delicious counter service at Hs. It offers food but not like the other parks.

  2. I feel DHS and MK are kind of tame when it comes to variety at counter service, but MK is a bit better. 🙂

  3. Loved the Antipasto salad our last trip! It was a little salty, but that’s fine with me…I’m a salt fanatic.

  4. Glad to hear that you liked it! It’s definitely one of the better counter service salads in the parks. 🙂