Lunch at The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge

Back in April, we had a review of lunch at the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge. It was out first time back since the lounge opened, and with family in tow that had yet to experience the lounge, we headed back so they could give it a try.


My mom ordered “The Famous Hollywood Brown Derby Cobb Salad.” The size served at the lounge is the appetizer portion, also available inside the main restaurant. The entree size currently costs $16, but is quite larger. Our server explained the story of this salad, and even brought us menu cards so we could make it at home (we have the recipes for both the Cobb Salad and the Grapefruit Cake). She really enjoyed the salad, and it was refreshing and not to heavy for a hot day.


She and my aunt each ordered the Citizens Take Flight Margarita flight. Both were pleased with this trio. You can see our review of the drinks here. Normally, they’re not served in the stand, which our server brought out from inside the restaurant.


Matt and I ordered the Artisanal Cheeses and Charcuterie Board for Two, which features an assortment of Artisanal Cheeses, with Salami Calabrese, Salami Toscano, Duck Rillette, Imported Prosciutto, and Pâté de Campagne. Cheeses include Comté, Beehive Barely Buzzed, and Point Reyes Blue Cheese. The board is also served with bread, both standard Disney rolls and sliced, very lightly toasted bread that had been drizzled with olive oil (the latter is what we went for).

the-hollywood-brown-derby-lounge-artisanal-cheeses-and-charcuterie-board-for-twoBoard Seen above with the Point Reyes Blue Cheese and Peaches


This was not the first time we’ve had Duck Rillette on property; we last had it at California Grill just before Christmas on their appetizer, Duck In All Its Glory. We found this to be very good as we did at California Grill. My mom also really liked this preparation.


The pickles were slightly sweet but had some nice heat to them. Not mouth burning, but noticeable. I really enjoyed these.


The Point Reyes Blue Cheese was on the more mild side of blue cheese (or maybe I’m just growing accustomed to them) and was fairly creamy. I would have liked some more of the sliced peaches. They weren’t overly sweet and fairly firm. They worked well on the board.


The Pâté de Campagne was served alongside what I believe to be the Cognac-Mustard Aïoli, which is also on the Wagyu Beef Slider. Pâté is usually hit or miss with me, but this is much better than what I had at the 2013 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival.


The Imported Prosciutto and Beehive Barely Buzzed cheese were fantastic. The espresso rub had a great smokiness that complimented the cheese, and the prosciutto had a nice salt level.


I loved both the Salami Calabrese and Salami Toscano, and my mom barely got to steal a bite of either. I really enjoyed the Comté, but I think of the three cheeses on the board, the Beehive Barely Buzzed may have been my favorite for its unique flavor from the espresso.


Of course, no meal is complete without ordering the Derby Sliders! Matt and I ordered these, and my aunt did as well. These were once again fantastic, and you can see our full review on these here. I still miss the Chorizo Slider that was replaced by the Duck. In all fairness, though, the Duck Slider is great in its own right. Bring back the Chorizo and make this a slider trio, please! The chips were delicious, salty and crispy, too. My mom kept sneaking them off our plates.


the-hollywood-brown-derby-lounge-derby-sliders-duck-confitDuck Confit, Taleggio Cheese, Chipotle Vegetable Slaw, Sweet Onions and Orange Conserve, and Crispy Leeks

the-hollywood-brown-derby-lounge-derby-sliders-wagyu-confitWagyu Beef with Cognac-Mustard Aïoli, Smoked Gouda Cheese, Bacon, and Avocado

The menus remain largely the same, with the exception of rising prices for beer and some nixed charcuterie and swapped cheeses and accompaniments. I’ve made notes on where those changes are.

the-hollywood-brown-derby-lounge-62914-1Prices have gone up on .25 on both Domestic and Premium Ales and Beers.



the-hollywood-brown-derby-lounge-62914-4The Charcuterie has nixed the Chorizo Picante and the Chicken “Faux Grois” Terrine. The cheeses have swapped out Drunken Goat for Comte and Echo Mountain Blue for Point Reyes Blue. Peaches have been subbed for apples.

Service was once again at the “leisurely pace” with which The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge has become somewhat synonymous. I warned my family beforehand and they were fine with that, and rather enjoyed it. They would have been happy to spend another hour, perhaps for another cocktail or dessert, but we needed to move on to our next destination. In all, it was another fantastic meal and experience.

Have you made it over to The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge? How do you like the fact that the food menu gets changed up once in a while?


6 responses to “Lunch at The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge

  1. I wonder if they could sub both pates for some more cheese? We don’t eat poultry, specially duck (one of us eat meat and is looking forward to have the salami all to themselves).

  2. We love Beehive cheese! They are local and so delicious. So happy to see it at Disney.

  3. You guys are killing me. The food looks great. I can’t afford to keep up with you and Matt! Thank you. 🙂

  4. Lucy – It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask! Disney is usually pretty good about things like that. Just be prepared with a backup order if for some reason they aren’t able to. You can also ask for the full restaurant menu to accommodate your diet!

    Shanisko – It was my first time having Beehive (to my recollection) and I really enjoyed it!

    Annie – We’ve had a couple expensive experiences with family in town. They really add up! A lot more family on the way, but I think we’ll have some more “normal” meals in the near future!

  5. Brown derby has always been exceptional for me, you just can’t go in expecting a quick paced service. The waiters are lovely and the food is always spot on for me. I really hope they’ll bring the andouille crusted prawn to the lounge!

  6. I never expect a fast pace when I visit, but it can be an issue at times for guests expecting faster service. You are able to order from the regular menu at the lounge. The server doesn’t mention so, but if you ask, they will bring you a menu.