La Place de Rémy Opens Today at Disneyland Paris

La Place de Rémy, a themed area based on the  film “Ratatouille,” opened at Disneyland Paris today. I absolutely adored the movie, so I’m completely jealous that we didn’t get the area here!


According to the Disney Parks Blog:

“Its anchor is L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy, an attraction that shrinks you down to the size of a rat and whisks you away on an adventure over the rooftops of Paris and through Gusteau’s. The ride vehicles seem to have a mind of their own as they scurry through Gusteau’s kitchen and dining room, and ultimately deliver you in time for dinner at Bistrot Chez Rémy.”


“La Place de Rémy also celebrates one of the film’s biggest stars – Paris … the culture, the architecture, and the food. In addition to the innovative attraction, the area includes Bistrot Chez Rémy, a table-service restaurant where you can enjoy (of course) a bowl of ratatouille, among other menu options. Later this year, we’ll open Chez Marianne, a new boutique, named as an homage to the iconic symbol of the French Republic. We think you’ll agree that La Place de Rémy – which truly celebrates Paris and the great Disney/Pixar film – is a charming and fitting addition to Disneyland Paris.”

The entire area and attraction look absolutely amazing. You can also many more photos at The Disney Land Paris blog (note the page is in French) as well as videos from last month’s press event. Any chance we can get at least the attraction added to Pixar Place, Disney? Pretty please? 😉


2 responses to “La Place de Rémy Opens Today at Disneyland Paris

  1. That’d be really really nice! I found out about the Ratatouille-inspired area when I visited DLPR a couple of years ago and saw the signs they had on the construction walls. I need to start planning a new trip there!! 🙂

  2. I have no idea when I’ll make it over there! A Europe trip is something we want to do someday, though. DLPR will definitely have to be done when that times comes!