Dinner at Contempo Cafe

There are many quick service restaurants in the hotels across WDW property, but one at which I often find myself is Contempo Cafe at the Contemporary. They have a good variety of options, especially at dinner, which is our latest visit to the restaurant.

Matt, being a rib fan, ordered the Barbecued Spare Ribs: a half rack of ribs served with coleslaw and fries. When he brought them over, I noted that they didn’t look very appetizing at all. He noted that the coleslaw didn’t look appetizing to him. The ribs were fall of the bone tender, and, while I’m not big on ribs, thought they tasted much better than they appeared. While clearly far from the best he’s ever had, Matt liked them.


The fries were standard, but the coleslaw should not have been called slaw at all. It was literally shredded cabbage, a wisp of mayonnaise, and three specks of fennel. It was like eating a bite of raw cabbage.


I ordered the Marinated Beef Flatbread, which features Goat Cheese Spread, Oven-roasted Tomatoes, Caramelized Onions and Arugula. I’ve ordered this in the past, and it’s always been enjoyed. This visit was no different, and I’m sure I’ll order it again in the future. The beef was more tender than last time, which was a big plus.


This flat been on the menu for several years, so it seems that it’s a staple that will be sticking around for some time should you want to try it. And if you’re a vegetarian, modify your flat to hold the beef and you’ll still have a delicious option with all the other flavors involved.


Matt’s brother-in-law ordered the Chicken Artichoke Flatbread, as did another member of our party who had the chicken held off of the flat. Featuring creamy Spinach-Artichoke Spread, Diced Tomatoes, and Basil, this flat delivers a lot of flavor.


I was able to sample a piece of the flatbread without the chicken, and it was like eating spinach and artichoke dip. While the flavor was good, I think I won the flatbread battle. 😉


Here are the menus from the visit:




Apparently I missed one of the screens or deleted the photo, but these are the other options available at dinner:


2 responses to “Dinner at Contempo Cafe

  1. We have an ADR for Tony’s Town Square but thinking I may cancel and try Contempo Cafe instead since it’s just a short ride from Magic Kingdom on the monorail

  2. We went to Tony’s Town Square back in February. The restaurant has a bit of a bad reputation, but the four of us dining found the food okay overall, just not particularly special. Contempo Cafe will likely save you some money (you can see more reviews here), and who doesn’t enjoy a break from walking in the parks for a ride on the monorail? 😉 But you can always walk from the Contemporary back to the park if you don’t want to finish the entire loop.