Lunch at Pizza Planet

Lucky me, I was able to pay another visit to Pizza Planet (this is probably  inevitable when visiting the parks with small children, I suppose). As you might know, I wasn’t here too long ago to order their Meatball Sub, which was fine flavor-wise, but I was disappointed by the temperature at which it was served.




Matt really didn’t feel like ordering anything on the menu, but finally decided on one of the pizzas. At first, he thought about getting the Vegetable Pizza, but the fact that there were mushrooms on it stopped that from happening. He instead went for the simple Cheese Pizza, which is served with a side Caesar Salad.


The pizza was served piping hot and not fully cut through, allowing the cheese to slide of the slices as he tried to separate them. He at the “guts” of the pizza, but left the crust behind, which is really waste because this pizza is almost ALL CRUST.


I don’t think he’s ordered a Disney pizza since he grabbed one at Riverside Mill prior to a Yeeha Bob show back in 2011. I did try a bite, and it’s really not as terrible as I remember it being. If they could do something about that insane amount of crust, or serve it with a side of sauce for dipping it like breadsticks (because that crust is dry, folks), I probably wouldn’t hate on the pizza so much.


Matt thought the Caesar Salad was pretty good, though light on the dressing for his preferences. And there weren’t enough croutons for him. Actually, he would probably just order a bowl of croutons and dressing if he could. 😉


For a brief (very brief) second, I contemplated ordering the Meat Lovers Pizza for my meal. I know, blasphemy on my part, right? But I was wanting to try something I hadn’t ordered before, and goodness knows I haven’t ordered a Disney pizza for myself since I was probably in my mid teens (and a vegetarian, so limited options back then). Instead, I ordered the Antipasto Salad which I had last summer, and recalled being pretty good.


This time, the salad’s dressing was a bit less heavy-handed, and there was a LOT more salami and pepperoni than last time (and there was a lot last time, too!). There were stacks of 8 slices of pepperoni stuck together throughout the salad. The downside to the salad? It was really salty. I left a good 1/3 of it because of the salt factor. I even grabbed one of Matt’s crusts to nosh on to help mitigate the saltiness.


Overall, the lunch wasn’t the best, but was far from the worst. Knowing what you’re getting in terms of the pizza, it’s acceptable in a pinch, and I might even brave the Meat Lovers Pizza next time I’m there (or at one of the other places around property that may serve it). As for the Antipasto, I would order it again, as I’ve had it before and know the saltiness was likely a fluke due to too much processed meat. That’s an easy enough fix: pick some of it out. But in the meantime, I hope I don’t have to go back to Pizza Planet anytime soon. 🙂

What have you experiences been with the consistency of food at Pizza Planet?


4 responses to “Lunch at Pizza Planet

  1. Since I am not a fan of most of the counter service at HS we fall back on pizza planet. Its hard to mess up pizza but generally we skip CS in favor of Sci Fi for Daughter.

  2. We typically try to have reservations or head to the Brown Derby Lounge when it’s just Matt and me, but with kids and several adults joining us, it can get a bit trickier (when a baby wants to eat, she wants to eat!). I’ve found a few decent counter service options to fall back on, though. 🙂

  3. Pizza Planet always seems to get grilled by reviewers. I’ve seen it on many lists of places to avoid or worst restaurants lists.

    It’s a completely fine place to eat. It serves what it states. The food is cafeteria grade but just fine. The salad is a little over dressed but a good side. I actually enjoyed it. The counter-service options at HS are my least favorite in the 4 parks.

    My only real gripe with the place is the seating. If they employed a policy like Cosmic Ray’s where you HAVE to have your food to get a seat things would be much much better. nearly 50% of the tables were occupied by people with no food.

  4. This past visit, my salad was too salty due to too much cured meat (easily remedied), but last time it was on point. The Meatball Sub is perfectly fine when served at the proper temp, which I had on my last visit. I used to really avoid the place, but I’ve gotten better about it over the past couple years. 🙂 I agree with the seating though – a lot of people just sit while their kids play games!