Earl of Sandwich’s Fajita Chicken Sandwich

With the construction going on at Downtown Disney, it’s safe to say I’ve been avoiding the area like the plague. I’m usually pretty aware of what’s going on at Earl of Sandwich, though, especially after eating each sandwich on the menu last year. I usually get an email when new Limited Time sandwiches are announced, or I see them advertised on Earl’s Instagram. This time around, however, it seems I didn’t get an email and missed the Instagram post in May announcing their Four Amigos: Fajita Chicken Sandwich ($6.49), Chicken Tortilla Soup (Small – $3.49, Regular – $4.49), Dulce de Leche Brownie ($2.49) and Cabo Chicken Citrus Salad ($6.49).



Of course, I had to try the Fajita Chicken Sandwich. I arrived relatively early to avoid the parking clusterbomb the area is, so I was eating this for breakfast. I considered the Dulce de Leche brownie as well, but none were available at that time.


One thing Earl of Sandwich likes to do is not elaborate on the ingredients of their Limited Time sandwiches, whereas on the regular menu, you know what you’re getting. Sure, I could have asked, but I hate holding up a line, and I wasn’t going to make any changes anyway.


Upon inspection, it had the usual fajita suspects of sauteed green peppers and onions (also found on their Philly Cheesesteak). It also featured lettuce and tomato, along with guacamole and what I think was likely their Chipotle Sauce (found on the Chipotle Chicken Avocado).



The lettuce did this sandwich no favors, and I’d recommend either ordering it without or removing it yourself. Between the heat of the sandwich and the sauce, it just becomes sort of slimy. Otherwise, this is a really good sandwich. There was a bit of lip-burning spice as well. The chicken was tender, and the guacamole added a nice cooling element; much more than sliced avocado would.


I had planned to bring half of this sandwich home so Matt could try it as well, but I ended up eating the whole thing. The bread wouldn’t have held up. 😉


Here are the menus from the last change back in April.






The Fajita Chicken Sandwich won’t be around for too much longer based on the life cycle of Limited Time offerings at Earl of Sandwich. I’d recommend giving this one a try if you like some heat on your sandwiches. Fortunately, it seems like you can recreate it since the items used on it are menu staples. Otherwise, you can always go for the Chipotle Chicken Avocado for your spice fix. I’m looking forward to the next round of Limited Time offerings, which shouldn’t be too far away!

Have you tried Earl of Sandwich’s Fajita Chicken Sandwich? Let us know what you thought of it!


3 responses to “Earl of Sandwich’s Fajita Chicken Sandwich

  1. I tried this sandwich when we stopped at Downtown Disney in May and it was really good but messy! I told them to hold the lettuce as I hate “hot” lettuce, but you are right the chipotle sauce did have a bit of spice to it. And you’re right the bread would not hold up. 😉

  2. It’s definitely a messy one, but worth it! 🙂

  3. That looks like a sandwich I may want to try to adapt for home. I’m also highly intrigued by the dulce de leche brownie. It’s a shame those won’t be around by the time we visit.