Fantasy Fare Food Truck’s Hand-dipped Corn Dog

Since I’ve been trying to avoid Downtown Disney while it’s undergoing its conversion to Disney Springs, I sometimes do brave the construction and try to knock out a few items to review. Yesterday I reviewed the Limited Time Buffalo Chicken Sandwich from Earl of Sandwich, and since I brought almost all of the sandwich home for Matt, I was still hungry. (Note: He thought it was much better than I did, though he still wouldn’t order it again.)


 Since I wanted something quick, I saw that the Fantasy Fare Food Truck was open, and their card readers were working, so I decided to finally try one of the Hand-dipped Corn Dogs. The menu has changed very slightly since the truck debuted, swapping out their Glass Noodle Salad for Chicken & Waffles. The Chicken & Waffles look similar to what you’ll find at the revamped Capt. Cook’s at the Polynesian, featuring mini-waffles, chicken nuggets, and a sauce. If we see them pop up elsewhere on property, I imagine this will be the basic formula.


Both the Hand-dipped Corn Dog and Croque Monsieur comes with House-Made Chips, but I was able to save $2.25 by ordering the corn dog without them. As soon as I paid, there was a corn dog at the ready.


The batter was different than the full size corn dogs you might get at some snack kiosks in the parks (they used to use State Fair brand, but I can’t verify if that’s changed), but from what I recall from the past, it had more in common with the Corn Dog Nuggets served at Casey’s. It had a sweet corn flavor and was texturally heartier than the former. The hot dog itself was okay, but I think the nuggets seem to have a better salty-sweet balance (although it’s been a while). Now I can’t compare these to Disneyland’s version, but theirs do indeed look better. Fantasy Fare’s almost doesn’t even look hand-dipped.


For $5.25 (sans chips), it’s okay. I can’t say it’s a must-get on a visit to Downtown Disney, but if I’m looking for a quick meal that is easy to consume while walking around the area, I could see ordering it again. It’s definitely an improvement over the frozen version kept warm on rollers, though, so if you’re a fan of corn dogs in general, you’ll probably appreciate this.

Have you tried the Hand-dipped Corn Dog or any of the other dishes at Fantasy Fare Food Truck? Let us know what you ordered and your thoughts!


7 responses to “Fantasy Fare Food Truck’s Hand-dipped Corn Dog

  1. Hold the phone – they charge $2.25 for the chips? They better be pretty awesome…

  2. It really doesn’t look hand dipped, does it?

  3. Jenn – Yes. I was able to order just the corn dog for $5.25 instead of the $7.50 that comes with the house-made chips. If you’ve had the house-made chips on property, you’ll know they are pretty good (at least at most places that offer them). The charge isn’t too surprising since often you can order meals a la carte – some places just offer a bag of plain Lays, Disney-branded kettle chips or the side of fries for around the same price mark. Technically, the price is already built in to your “meal,” but you can always ask to see if you can order the “entree only.” It’s not guaranteed the CM will do it, but it doesn’t hurt to ask if you don’t want fries or chips.

    Jeff – It looks more “real” than State Fair frozen products, but it’s super uniform looking.

  4. Disneyland’s are amazing! That one doesn’t look even remotely similar, but if you want to mail me one to California I’ll do a side by side comparison! LOL

  5. I never had one when I visited DL a few year ago. 😦 Next time though! 🙂

  6. My partner loves the corn dog served at the Boardwalk (the booth across the way from the bakery), which is supposed to be hand dipped – it seems to take forever to get one – so… I am wondering if these are the same…

  7. I honestly wonder if the “hand-dipped” refers to them “hand-dipping” them in the oil to fry them and not the actual process of a fresh one being made…