All of Dawa Bar’s Bloody Marys

A few weeks ago, Dawa Bar announced some new Bloody Marys being added to the menu. I headed over without Matt and tried the African Bloody Mary and really enjoyed it. It was a bit of a change of pace from many of the standard Bloodys found around property (although we’ve found a few good ones over the years). Matt was still highly interested in trying the other, so we made a trek back to Animal Kingdom to give them a try.


We had visited the park two weekends ago and were told that they stopped serving the specialty Bloody Marys at 11am, but could make us their standard, to which we declined and instead opted for the bar at Yak & Yeti. We made sure we arrived before 11 this time, and ordered our drinks. Note that the 11am “rule” seemingly rests on the bartender(s). We were able to order a second round closer to noon as the bartender working hadn’t had a chance to take down the signs, and when we asked about them stopping at 11am last week, he mentioned it was sort of a loose rule. So plan accordingly! 😉

Matt started with the Asian Bloody Mary, a combination of Grey Goose Vodka, Loaded Bloody Mary Mix, Kim Chee-Sriracha Puree, garnished with Asian Slaw (cucumber, carrot, daikon radish, and Tandoori Shrimp). Since he doesn’t like shrimp, he gave it to me. It was lightly seasoned, not overly “shrimpy,” and cooked properly.


There was a bit of heat between the Loaded Bloody Mary Mix and Sriracha Puree, but neither of us found it to be too much. There was certainly an Asian-inspired kick to the drink, though.


I chose the Discovery Island Bloody Mary, which features Grey Goose Vodka, Loaded Bloody Mary Mix, Lime Juice, and Olive Juice, garnished with Parsley and a skewer of Mozzarella Cheese, Tomato, Basil and Stuffed Olive.


This had a touch of brininess from the Olive Juice, and I think it’s something I might experiment with at home. The lime gave a bit more of acidity to the drink. Overall, I think the drink was pretty well balanced.


Since Matt was also intrigued by the African Bloody Mary, he decided he’d order it for his second drink. It feature Grey Goose Vodka, Loaded Bloody Mary Mix, and Spicy African Berbere Sauce, garnished with Berbere-rubbed Beef Jerky, Celery Stalk, Carrot, and Parsley.


They seemingly added a bit more of the Berere Sauce this time around (and watching the bartender make the drink, it looked like more was added than to mine last visit, seen in the picture below). It made for a richer color both for this particular variety, but also in comparison to the other three ordered on this visit. But here, you can barely see the piece of jerky poking out from behind the celery. Still flavorful, but Matt’s was definitely a bit moreso. Of the four Bloody Marys, this one was both of our favorites.

dawa-bar-african-bloody-maryVersion from my previous visit

Finally, I ordered the Dawa Bloody Mary, noted as their Signature Bloody Mary. It’s a combination of Grey Goose Vodka, Loaded Bloody Mary Mix, Worcestershire Sauce, and Horseradish, garnished with Basil Leaf and a skewer of Truffle and Blue Cheese-stuffed Olive and Prosciutto.


The added horseradish was negligible, which we were both fine with. The Worcestershire added a slight bit of umami, but otherwise, this was a relatively bland Bloody with the exception of the garnish.



Fortunately, we agreed on the rankings of these four Bloody Marys:

4. Dawa Bloody Mary
3. Discovery Island Bloody Mary
2. Asian Bloody Mary
1. African Bloody Mary

As long as they’re making them, we’ll gladly hit up Dawa Bar in the mornings before starting our day at Animal Kingdom, likely with us each ordering the African Bloody Mary (though I do see Matt switching that up with the Asian Bloody Mary now and again). If you’re the type to enjoy a morning cocktail, I recommend stopping by to try these.

Have you tried any (or all) of Dawa Bar’s Bloody Marys? Which one is your favorite? Which one would you like to try most?


3 responses to “All of Dawa Bar’s Bloody Marys

  1. “There was a bit of heat between the Loaded Bloody Mary Mix and Sriracha Puree, but neither of us found it to be too much.”

    Excuse me if I take this with a grain of salt coming from the woman who orders 5-alarm barbecue dishes from the local pubs. 😉 Just kidding, but I assume I’ll enjoy the spice level (and just a little bit of pain along with it).

  2. Honestly, Melissa, the Bloody Marys are pretty darn tame in comparison to my daily intake of heat! 😉 There’s a decent balance between flavor and heat in the “spicier” versions of Asian and African. If you have an aversion to heat at all, go with the Discovery Island or Dawa. 😉

  3. I don’t have an aversion to heat. It’s just that my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I always want to taste the spicy, but then I sit there crying as my sinuses clear out and my whole body is on fire. But it always seems like a good idea at the time!