The Writer’s Stop’s Peanut Butter Cookie

The Writer’s Stop at Hollywood Studios may be best known for its Carrot Cake Cookie, but you can also find several other pastries and snacks  while you enjoy a coffee and peruse the books in the shop.



I hadn’t eaten breakfast, and we were told our wait to be seated for lunch would be 20-25 minutes, and I wasn’t feeling too hot. I almost just grabbed a bag of Mickey Pretzels or a tub of Cheddar Mickey Crackers, when I started looking in the display case. Normally, sugar on an empty stomach for me is not something i can handle, but with lunch just around the corner, I deemed I’d be getting real food in my system soon enough. So then I placed my order for the Peanut Butter Cookie.


As I’ve mentioned on the blog before, I’m a fan of peanut butter adding a savory element to sweet treats. This cookie is no exception. It’s also topped with melted Butterfinger candy.


The cookie’s texture was nice, with a relatively soft crumb and a bit of chew. The peanut butter was prominent, but mellowed some of the sweetness of the cookie. I’d definitely order this again.


My friend Jen ordered a Mickey Sugar Cookie and she enjoyed it. You can never go wrong with this simple cookie, or a treat being shaped like Mickey!


The Peanut Butter Cookie is definitely a different breed from the Carrot Cake Cookie (which is probably better described as a hybrid between cookies and a whoopie pie), but it certainly deserves its own time in the spotlight. If you’re a fan of Peanut Butter Cookies in general, stop in for one on your next visit to Writer’s Stop!

Have you tried the Peanut Butter Cookie from Writer’s Stop? Do you find it difficult to order something other than the Carrot Cake Cookie?


4 responses to “The Writer’s Stop’s Peanut Butter Cookie

  1. That does look good, but I’m not sure I could ever pry myself away from the carrot cake cookie!*


  2. Maybe get both! 🙂

  3. They have other things apart from carrot cake cookies?? I had never noticed!! 😉

  4. They’re kinda hidden…. 😉