2014 Food & Wine: Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s kiosk for the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is host to a fantastic use of space. With all of the other kiosks set on the sides of the walkways, it feels like a destination. A destination that could use some more tables, but a destination nonetheless. I only was able to try Puerto Rico this past weekend, and little did I know how much I had been missing out!


Disney did a really nice job with the area. The kiosk itself is simple, but it has a nice feel being sectioned off from the main path. It’s a feeling you don’t obtain with kiosks elsewhere in the Festival – Not even in Brazil with it’s little seating area, or Germany for that matter. I think that I would prefer to see less kiosks overall but each with a nice setting. Despite how busy it is, there is a calm and less rushed sense here.



Of course, all of the food sounded delicious, so we tried one of everything!


I was most excited for the Ensalda de Carrucho. Conch Salad isn’t found much on WDW property, if at all. I’m trying to picture menus, but you’re going to find chowder or fritters as its method of delivery.


Tucked underneath the Conch Salad itself is some white rice, but conch is truly the main event here. This salad is bright with its diced peppers, onions, and tomatoes. There’s a great acidity from vinegar and the cilantro is refreshing, especially on these hot and humid days we’ve been having. I’ll definitely be ordering this again before the Festival ends.


Matt was interested in the Carne Guisada con Arroz Blanco. He tends to love any dish resembling stew, and this was no different. There were several pieces of hearty, tender, slow-braised beef in a simple, yet flavorful, tomato broth.


I wouldn’t be surprised if this makes another appearance for us either. Unfortunately, there isn’t a recipe for it in this year’s cookbook. I’d definitely make this at home, and think it would be easily adapted for a Crockpot dinner (especially once we start getting fall weather here!).


The Puerto Rican-grown Rice was fine, but I didn’t taste anything different from the rice in my pantry.


The Tostones were good, but I would have liked them more if they were served hot. When it comes to plantains, I prefer them in chip form, but this hearty portion had a nice flavor. The Mayo Ketchup was an accompaniment I’d not had with plantains before, and the savory nuance played well with the slightly sweet Tostones. There is definitely enough of this dish to share!




The Flancocho. I think Matt would have taken my hand off if I got in his way of eating this. 😉 This will likely make the cut along with the Carne Guisada and Ensalada as a dish we order again. The chocolate cake on the bottom was moist, the custard was not too sweet, and the caramel was just plain delicious. You know I’m not big on desserts, but I really liked this one.



Overall, Disney did a fantastic job with Puerto Rico. The dishes were simple but delicious, and there isn’t anything  – foodwise, as least – we wouldn’t order again. Well, we probably won’t get the Tostones again, but by no means because we didn’t like them. I’m sure most of you attending the Festival already have this kiosk marked since it’s new, but be sure to use the money you might have spent on say, the Berliner in Germany, and put it to more delicious use here. 😉

We’ll keep you posted on updated reviews from Puerto Rico as the 2014 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival continues. What have you tried from the kiosk, and what did you think? What are you looking forward to trying?


8 responses to “2014 Food & Wine: Puerto Rico

  1. So what is conch like, exactly? I mean, when it’s NOT fried? I’m not one for shellfish as a rule but it’s such an intriguing idea…

  2. The Carne Guisada and Flancocho were the items I got to try. The Flancocho was just yummy! Their area, like you said, had probably the best setup! I got to see a performer dancing there and there was always music going on!
    I’m here, now back home (actually, at work!), wishing I could go back there for more Flancocho!

  3. One of my good friends is Puerto Rican and came with me to Food & Wine last year (last hurrah in case I didn’t make it through the transplant lol) and we both were so excited to see this booth for this year. I hope they will have it next year when I can actually go. I do have to say though, I wish they would do lechon (PR’s version of roast pig, yum!) and they definitely need to do the tostones thinner when they smash it. It looks a little thick compared to the ones I had in Puerto Rico.

  4. I forgot to ask, what do you think of the cookbook? Do you think it’s worth getting? I have a F&W one from several years past but was debating asking my friend’s hubby to get one for me. He’s a sous chef at Disney and will be at the festival presenting on October 14 or 15 at one of the presentations in the Festival Center. He got to present last year but I couldn’t go since I was just diagnosed as relapsed and no go this year either. I really hope he gets to present next year and I can go see him and cheer him on. LOL.

  5. Jenn – It’s mild and slightly sweet. It really takes on the flavors that are introduced to it well.

    Ricardo – The Flancocho was fantastic! Glad you thought so as well!

    Cherry – I hope the kiosk comes back, too! Lechon would be a nice addition, too. I don’t want them taking anything of the menu to make room, though. 😉 I think the cookbook is worth it this year as it has many new recipes, including ones from Flower & Garden and Holidays Around the World. Here is a look at the Table of Contents for reference:

    2014 Epcot Food & Wine Cookbook

  6. I really liked the Puerto Rico booth set up! Could have spent more time there, leisurely eating and enjoying the music, but it started to rain. Surprise, surprise. The Tostones I got were hot, so might have been freshly prepared, luck of the draw there! They filled a little void in my tummy nicely, and that mayo-ketchup sounded too simple, but it went so well with them! Loved the Flancocho too, our portion was definitely large enough to share, hope it stays that way throughout the festival.

  7. When you visited the kiosk, was there a big line of guests where there would have been faster food turnover? I got there a little before 11, and it wasn’t too busy yet. I’m not sure what time they had opened, but if the turnover was slow, the Tostones may have been sitting a little while losing heat. It happens at so many kiosks, though. The Flancocho was definitely a good size, especially for the price! Glad you enjoyed the items you tried! 🙂

  8. I think it was between 2:00 – 3:00 when we visited the booth and there was no line. I think that was because of the off/on again sprinkles, most the of tables were occupied but we managed to spot an open one.