2014 Food & Wine: Fife & Drum Tavern

Guess where we ordered our first drink of the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, way back on preview day. We made it all the way to The American Adventure pavilion, and it was hot. Disgustingly hot.


I sought refuge at the Liberty Inn, while Matt headed over to Fife & Drum Tavern for a beer. But not just any beer. Hanson’s Mmmhops Pale Ale. I recall several years ago when the brew was first announced, and I couldn’t help but laugh.  I wasn’t into Hanson in their heyday (nor am I today), but pretty much everyone knows the refrain to “Mmmbop”. It can get stuck in your head, like Macarena. Geez, the 90s were trying to kill us…


Anyway, the beer was fine. I would have liked some more hops for a beer named Mmmhops. I can’t say it’s worth going back for, especially at $3.50 for 6oz., but if I was at the liquor store and saw it on the shelves, I’d consider picking up a 6 pack just for the gimmick of it coming from Hanson. Marketing, folks.


And I don’t think I’ll be returning for the Sundae. I’ll brave Downtown Disney if I need a Ghiradelli fix.

We’ll keep you posted on updated reviews from Fife & Drum Tavern as the 2014 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival continues. What have you tried from the kiosk, and what did you think? What are you looking forward to trying?


5 responses to “2014 Food & Wine: Fife & Drum Tavern

  1. There are only three words necessary when visiting Fife & Drum: Red Stagg Lemonade. Multiples please!

  2. I can’t stand whiskey, but that Red Stag Lemonade is something I can handle!

  3. I know I know it’s called the Food and Wine(/Booze) Festival but I really wish they would have a few more non-alcoholic things (other than soda or lemonade) for those of us who can’t drink. Something like a really good, fresh squeezed homemade lemonade or sugar cane juice or an arnold palmer type slushie or something like that in the various booths. Can you imagine if they got the real cane sugar coke for Mexico? 🙂

  4. Are they still making the Mexican Coke with the real cane sugar? I thought I had read somewhere that there have been changes, but I’m unable to look up a source right now. But I completely agree – I would love to see more variety with the non-alcoholic options. Especially original concoctions, because everything else I can (likely) get at Total Wine down here.

  5. I’m not sure if they are, I’ve just heard about it like it’s the Holy Grail or something. LOL. I think they still are but maybe it’s even harder to get now.