Sunshine Seasons’ Coconut Macaroon

A few weeks ago, back on preview day of the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, Matt and I headed over to Sunshine Seasons. The park had only shortly opened before we arrived, so we decided to grab a soda and hop on the Living with the Land before making our way to the kiosks which had yet to open.


While looking around, I spotted this chocolate covered Coconut Macaroon. Despite my better judgement of not eating sugar in the morning, I went ahead and ordered it, since Matt was looking for something to snack on as well.


The size of the macaroon is about the size of a baseball. The exterior is lightly toasted and drizzled with chocolate sauce, and the interior is flecked with chocolate chips.


Clearly, coconut fans will like this. It was very much like eating an Almond Joy/Mounds Bar (but with no almonds or dark chocolate), but the interior wasn’t as soft, instead featuring flaky coconut. It was definitely sweet, on the verge of being a bit too much for me, but with Matt’s help, we were able to finish the treat. If you’re looking for something a bit closer to an Almond Joy/Mounds Bar with a “creamier” coconut interior (but no chocolate or almonds, for that matter), and the F&W Festival is still going on, head to the Brazil kiosk for their Cocada. It features a very firm exterior, and is a lot sweeter as well.


We both liked the Coconut Macaroon, but don’t really see it as a must-eat on future visits. If I get a coconut craving, I know where to remedy that, though. Should I order it again in the future, I’ll be sure I have a base of “real” food in my stomach so I don’t start feeling ill afterwards (especially tricky on preview day when kiosks open at random times). If you like coconut and chocolate sweets, it’s worth a look!

Have you tried the Coconut Macaroon at Sunshine Seasons?


One response to “Sunshine Seasons’ Coconut Macaroon

  1. I love coconut, but every macaroon now has been spoiled for me since I fell for Matterhorn Macaroons at Disneyland….. Sigh… sweet coconutty goodness…. drool….. šŸ™‚