Appetizers at Victoria Falls Lounge

Way back in September, a new menu at Victoria Falls Lounge debuted at Animal Kingdom Lodge Well, it took me nearly two months since the announcement, but I FINALLY made my way over to check out some of the new items!

victoria-falls-food-menu-112014Victoria Falls’ Food Menu

I was flying solo this particular evening, so I knew I would be bringing food home. I was confident Matt would be disappointed if I didn’t save some of the items to share with him! The bar during my visit around 6pm on a weeknight was fairly busy, but not packed. Still, the attention of the bartenders was being paid to the opposite end of the bar where I was sitting. It was nearly 10 minutes to even place my drink order, but after I did, service was slightly more attentive.

Although I would have liked to have ordered the Peri Peri Scallops and Crispy Chickpea Bites in addition to what I did order, I needed to scale back the options I wanted to try and also think about what would “travel well.” I decided on the Tandoori Spiced Chicken Wings and the Pork Wings.


The Pork Wings feature a Tamarind Barbecue Sauce and are topped with Crispy Onions and Cilantro. There were four thick-cut “wings” to an order, each one glazed with the sweet sauce. The onions on top could have been improved by being some fresh, skinny onion straws, but instead seemed like a frozen product. The sprinkle of cilantro on top neither added to or detracted from the dish in terms of flavor, but added a little bit of color.


The pork was very tender, and the parts that were a bit on the fattier side were well rendered. A fork and knife are your best bet for eating these, as they do indeed fall from the bone when you try to pick them up to take a bit like a traditional wing. This appetizer could make a meal for those with a lighter appetite.



The Tandoori-spice Chicken Wings feature Galam Masala, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon, Cloves, Cinnamon, and Sambal Sour Cream. The are six wings in the order, and the wings are a decent size as well, making for another “light” meal.


The Sambal Sour Cream only brought a little bit of heat, which was quelled by the sour cream with which it was mixed, allowing its flavor to not be overpowered. The seasonings on the wings were very aromatic, with the cinnamon and cloves adding a warm note to the dish.


The skin was fairly crisp, and while I prefer wings a bit crispier, I thought they were nicely done. The meat was piping hot and tender. While the flavor profile isn’t necessarily one I’d go for all the time, they are an enjoyable change of pace from the usual suspects.


Here is a look at the menu (click for larger):


















Of the two new dishes I tried, I thought the Pork Wings were winner of the two. I’d happily order both again. I had brought much of the two dishes home and reheated them for Matt to try, and we seemed to be on the same page. I look forward to my next visit to Victoria Falls to try some of the other dishes available, but I think those Pork Wings will need to make a repeat visit as well!

What is your favorite dish to order from Victoria Falls? Which would you like to order on your next visit?


4 responses to “Appetizers at Victoria Falls Lounge

  1. We recently tried the chickpea fritters and they were amazing!

  2. They’re definitely on my list!

  3. Was Rose the bartender there???

  4. Is Rose the woman who has been there forever?