Lunch at Everything Pop

The other day, Matt and I noticed that the normal lunch hours had come and gone, and hour stomachs were not afraid to let us know. I took a look at the nearby resort quick service restaurant menus over on the Walt Disney World website, and one item caught my eye in particular: Chicken Pot Pie at Everything Pop at the Pop Century resort. I took Matt’s order and made my way to the resort.


After looking over the menu, Matt stuck with an item he typically goes for: the BBQ Pork Sandwich. It comes with the option of Sweet or Tangy BBQ Sauce, and Matt opted for the latter. The sandwich features bread which is lightly toasted on a sandwich press, then is layered with a couple slices of cheese, pulled pork, coleslaw, and finally topped with your sauce choice.


I gave it a taste and thought the pork was tender and had a good flavor on its own. Matt noted the sauce was a bit mustard-y, and while he’s typically not big on mustard, he’s grown more accustomed to it in some barbecue sauces.


The sandwich comes with your choice of House-made Chips, Pasta Salad, or Coleslaw. Matt said he wanted coleslaw when I took his order, and when I saw the sandwich already came topped with some, I tried texting to see if he wanted another option, but to no avail. I stuck with the plan, knowing that I’d at least be getting the House-made Chips with my dish if he wanted some. The portion of slaw was huge, and while nothing special, Matt liked that it was heavy on the mayonnaise.


I ordered the Chicken Pot Pie, which too came with a choice of House-made Chips, Pasta Salad, or Coleslaw. As I mentioned, I went with the chips.


The top of the pie’s crust is sprinkled with salt and pepper, and it does have a homemade look to it. While I didn’t ask, it does appear – thanks to the imperfectly fluted crust – that these could be made in-house, or at least on property.


The crust itself has some nice, flaky layers, and didn’t have the gummy interior some crusts can get. And that little pinch of salt and pepper on top helped the overall bite of filling and crust.


Also, this pie is STUFFED with shredded white and dark meat chicken. There were some nicely cooked bits of carrot and celery mixed in with the roux, but chicken was clearly the star of the show here. The filling on its own seemed a bit underseasoned, but as I mentioned, getting a bite with some of the crust remedied that. Matt gave it a try and thought it was quite good as well, although he noted, “Mine is better.”


As a fan of most of the House-made Chips on property, Everything Pop’s were well-prepared, and each one was crispy and seasoned with just enough salt.


While the Tangy BBQ Pork Sandwich and Coleslaw were relatively standard, Matt liked it, though it’s not a sandwich for which he’d go out of his way. The Chicken Pot Pie, however, was definitely more impressive. It was a hearty, delicious dish and a more traditional version than say, 50’s Prime Time Cafe’s. If you’re a fan of the dish, it’s definitely worth a look. And of course, you can always get The King Cupcake for dessert. 🙂

everything-pop-the-king-cupcakeThe King Cupcake

What’s your favorite dish to order from Everything Pop?


2 responses to “Lunch at Everything Pop

  1. The pot pie looks yummy! The only time I stopped by the resort was to try the King Cupcake… Now I have a new excuse to go there during our next trip! 🙂

  2. It’s definitely a gem amongst the standard fare. I hope you get to try it!