Joy of Tea’s Lucky Combo

I’ve visited Joy of Tea several times over the years for a quick snack. I’ve enjoyed the BBQ Pork Buns and the Curry Chicken Pockets, but I’ve never ordered the Lucky Combo. The combo rings in at $9.98, and hasn’t changed in price in at least 3 1/2 years. You save just over a dollar if you split the items listed as “Snacks” in half, since those come two to an order.


The combo features one Chinese BBQ Pork Bun, one Curry Chicken Pocket, one Pork and Vegetable Egg Roll, your choice of Ice Cream, and a can of soda. Matt isn’t one to turn down an Egg Roll, be it Magic Kingdom, the Lotus Blossom Cafe in the China pavilion, or anywhere else. He happily obliged to helping on eating that for me.


Matt wasn’t interested in the Curry Chicken Pocket, as he tried it with me in the past and wasn’t too keen on it. I, on the other hand, like it, so didn’t mind picking up the slack there. It’s a mild, more aromatic curry, so if you’re adverse to heat, you’ll be fine with this one. The bun was also as we remembered it, with its sweet, sauced pork tucked within a chewy bread.


joy-of-tea-chicken-curry-pockets-closeA close-up of the Curry Chicken Pocket from 2013

Pork BunsBBQ Pork Bun from 2011

For our Ice Cream, I opted for the Caramel Ginger. Despite not being a fan of ginger’s flavor, I found it to be mellow here. Noticeable, but mellow. It’s also a good sized cup of ice cream, as you can see compared to the reflection of the can of soda placed nearby.


This menu pic is from 7/27/14. I neglected to snap a new one, but it’s pretty standard if not the same to the one from my recent visit.


Even though this is a first for me ordering the Lucky Combo, I think it’s a great way to try a taste of what Joy of Tea has to offer. The bun reminds me of the ones they sell in one of the Asian markets on Colonial Drive in Orlando (though we always have to get a Durian one as well), and the pocket brings some lightness to the meal. The egg roll is pretty standard, but an enjoyable treat. Ice cream brings some sweetness, and you can wash it all down with a soda.

Do you ever order the Lucky Combo from Joy of Tea? Do you have a favorite snack there?


3 responses to “Joy of Tea’s Lucky Combo

  1. I usually get drinks here and never even paid attention to the snacks! That looks really yummy and something I’d love to try.

  2. Becky – It’s a super quick bite and great if you’re starving between meals or trying to catch a Fastpass!

  3. Thanks, I never noticed the food here!