Namaste Cafe’s Dipping Safari

It had been just over a year since Matt and I last visited Namaste Cafe, and there have been some menu changes since then. The food trucks now have a semi-permanent home at Downtown Disney’s West Side at Exposition Park – a grassy area next to Starbucks. Three of the four food trucks were there the day of our visit, as well as the merchandise Truck Shop – Fantasy Fare, the Magic Kingdom themed truck, was missing.




The menu currently features Lamb Kefta, Butter Chicken, Char-grilled Shrimp, and a Dipping Safari.


The Slow-cooked Beef Short Ribs, which we ordered on our last visit, are no longer on the menu. Instead, Lamb Kefta is offered. Char-grilled Shrimp replaces Tandoori Spiced Shrimp, and Butter Chicken remains.

namaste-cafe-truck-menu-120713Previous Menu

While typically kefta is an item I love to order when I see it on a menu, I was in the mood to try the Dipping Safari. I a big fan of the Indian-style Bread Service at Sanaa, so I wanted a little taste of that and a bit of a lighter meal.


Apart from the charred Naan and accompanying sauce, two large Potato and Pea Samosas come with the dish. These are much larger than the ones you’ll find at Mr. Kamal’s kiosk in Animal Kingdom, and on par with the version served at Sanaa (see Nick & Nora’s review over at Extra WDW Magic!).


The filling featured potatoes that were fairly smooth with a few chunky pieces and peas. The seasoning were noticeable, and there was a little bit of heat. The dough was a combination of chewy and flaky. Overall, I thought these were quite good.


A full piece of Naan is served, and it was slightly charred and cut into quarters. The bread tasted fresh and had a good chew.


The Coriander Chutney is an interesting choice, as coriander itself can be a polarizing flavor for some. Personally, I thought this was the most successful of the three dips and seemed to have a bit of heat as well. The hummus was on the runny side and had a strong tahini flavor, which I felt overpowered it. The Cucumber Raita was pretty standard, but enjoyable nonetheless.


Some pickled vegetables were served to the side as well, which added a nice vinegary bite.


Overall, I thought the dish was very good (despite the runny hummus), and I’d probably order it again if I was craving samosas or the bread service and couldn’t make it to Sanaa. While I’m bummed to see the Slow-cooked Beef Short Ribs removed, I’m happy it was replaced by Lamb Kefta, which I need to try. I’ll note that the truck seemed pretty popular, with several orders of Butter Chicken and the Dipping Safari being passed out the window. For flavor profiles that set Namaste Cafe apart from the other trucks, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Have you visited the Namaste Cafe food truck? What did you order, and what are your thoughts?


4 responses to “Namaste Cafe’s Dipping Safari

  1. Thank you for the link!
    Nick likes the coriander chutney at Sanaa, surprising since he isn’t the hugest coriander/cilantro fan out there. I love the garlic pickle and the jalapeño lime pickle.
    We haven’t tried anything from the food trucks. At this point, it honestly seems like WDW is late to the game and why did it take SO LONG to get the food truck park built?

  2. You’re welcome! The garlic pickle at Sanaa is awesome, as is the jalapeño lime. Yes, they are late to the food truck game, but I do like having the additional options, and the trucks can be helpful, such as when Superstar Catering served breakfast at All-Star Music while the food court was under refurbishment. I also like the “Takeover” premise they did with Trattoria al Forno. The park did take a lot of time. I imagine they had to perform a lot of underground work in order to make the park be their “permanent” home, if not just for convenience (heavy duty electricity, perhaps waste disposal?). It would make sense in that regard.

  3. Have the food trucks really been around for over a year?!

    Did you get an idea of how flexible they are with modifications? Peas make me sad so I’d want to double up on naan.

  4. They have been all open a little longer than a year now. I’m not sure about substitutions, but I’d imagine asking for extra naan in lieu of samosas would be doable.