Downtown Disney Food Trucks to Get New Menu Items

fantasy-fare-truckFantasy Fare is themed after the Magic Kingdom

Superstar Catering and Fantasy Fare Food Trucks at Downtown Disney are slated to receive revamped menus, as reported by the Disney Parks Blog.

downtown-disney-superstar-catering-truckSuperstar Catering is themed after Hollywood Studios

superstar-catering-food-truck-pork-shank-gruyere-macaroni-and-cheese© Disney

Superstar Catering’s brand-new menu will feature a Pork Shank (above) served with Gruyere Macaroni and Cheese, Sausage and Caramelized Onion Flatbread (below), and ‘A Taste of Hollywood Studios,’ (below) which will feature the BLT Soup from Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant and the Famous Cobb Salad and with Mini Grapefruit Cake from The Hollywood Brown Derby.

super-star-catering-food-truck-sausage-and-caramelized-onion-flatbread© Disney


superstar-catering-a-taste-of-hollywood-studios-blt-soup-famous-cobb-salad-minigrapefruit-cheesecake© Disney


fantasy-fare-food-truck-game-day-chicken-and-waffles© Disney


fantasy-fare-food-truck-sweet-potato-puffs-marshmallow-cream-candied-pecans© Disney

A Fantasy Fare food truck, they’ll be serving  Game Day Chicken and Waffles (above), featuring a Buffalo-style chicken with Sriracha Maple and Blue Cheese Sauce  served alongside Cornbread Waffles (a nod to Sleepy Hollow’s Chicken and Waffle Sandwiches). Sweet Potato Puffs (above – similar to those found at Golden Oak Outpost) topped with Marshmallow Cream and Candied Pecans will be added. Also, two menu staples, the Hand-dipped Corndog (below) and Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich (below – found as the Croque Monsieur at Be Our Guest) will be served with waffle fries.

fantasy-fare-food-truck-hand-dipped-corn-dog-waffle-fries© Disney


fantasy-fare-food-truck-grilled-ham-and-cheese-waffle-fries© Disney

Which new additions are you excited for?


2 responses to “Downtown Disney Food Trucks to Get New Menu Items

  1. Love the revamp for Superstar Catering! I think the new menu is much more inspired than the previous one (although I miss the turkey meatballs with polenta from when it opened). Would love to try the Taste of Hollywood!

  2. It’s nice that they’re changing it up to be more reflective of the park!