Lunch at Bongos Cuban Café Express


While enjoying some of the nice weather we’ve been experiencing here in Central Florida, I took advantage of it and did some walking around Downtown Disney. Knowing the lunch hour was drawing near, I decided to stop by Bongos Cuban Café Express on the West Side to get some food to bring home to share with Matt. I placed an order for the Masitas de Puerco, or Cuban Mojo Marinated Fried Pork Bites.


In my head, I had envisioned this dish – one I’ve never had before – to be a bit like Lechon Kawali. However, they use different cuts and therefore produce a different final product. Doing some research, there are two methods I’ve found for this dish. The first includes cooking the meat in water until it boils away, and then frying the exterior, while the second is just straight frying them on all sides until cooked through. While I’m not sure which method is used here, the former seems the be plausible based on texture. The final dish is topped with sautéed onions that retain just a bit of snap.


The pieces of pork are quite large, and there is some crispiness to the exterior, though some much crispier than others. Biting into the pieces, however, yields very tender meat with a texture that falls apart as if its been stewed. This isn’t necessarily my favorite texture, but I didn’t mind it. Matt agreed it was very stew-like and enjoyed it. The mojo flavor was subtle, allowing the pork to retain its porkiness.


The hearty portion cost just $9.06 with tax, and there is more than enough for two people to share, or two make two meals out of it. It’s a simple dish, but still enjoyable. While I’m not sure I’d order it again for myself, I wouldn’t be surprised if was something Matt ordered in the future. If you’re looking for a good food value, this is definitely it.

Do you ever visit Bongos Cuban Café Express? What do you like to order?


2 responses to “Lunch at Bongos Cuban Café Express

  1. Never been there. I’ve tried to dine there a few times but they’re always busy so we always ended up going elsewhere. I’ll have to keep the Express side on my list… that looks really good!

  2. The Express window is a bit more limited in its offerings, but there are still a lot of delicious items! I’ve stopped by on several occasions to grab some snacks to bring home.