Lunch at The Artist’s Palette

Once upon a time, The Artist’s Palette at Saratoga Springs Resort served some really decent flatbread. The crust was hand formed, and then they switched it to a premade crust. I had originally made my way over to Saratoga to get one of the flatbreads, but then, I remembered the change. After perusing the menu, I decided to order the Spicy Italian Beef Sandwich, which features Roast Beef, Provolone, Horseradish Mayo, Arugula, and Hot Relish with House-made Chips or Vegetable Slaw. I opted for the Chips.


The quality of the roast beef itself was pretty good, and I was a fan of the hot relish. It definitely had a bit of heat. The peppery arugula was nice, but it didn’t want to stay put while trying to eat the sandwich as, well, a sandwich. The relish had a tendency to fall off with it, too. The mayo wasn’t too horserasdish-y, which was nice. I think the sandwich would have been improved by toasting, melting the cheese, but it was still quite good as it was served.


The chips were as expected, and I’m a fan.


I somehow managed to miss 7-9.




It might not be very exciting, but the Spicy Italian Beef Sandwich was quite good. I can’t say I’d visit The Artist’s Palette solely for the sandwich, but it’s definitely a good option should you be visiting.

Do you have a favorite item at Artist’s Palette?


4 responses to “Lunch at The Artist’s Palette

  1. Awww, that’s sad about the flatbread. Did Disney give any official reason for the change?

  2. Nothing official, but I imagine it’s a convenience issue.

  3. Did they use to have burgers in the menu? I do remember having a burger with the house chips at Saratoga and I think it was at Artist’s Palette… I could’ve definitely eaten more of those chips!

  4. I don’t recall. They may have at one point, but I don’t have any menus showing so. They do have still have a Cheeseburger Flatbread, though!