2015 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival: Fleur de Lys


Matt and I always look forward to what France has to offer during both the Food & Wine and Flower & Garden Festivals. As I’ve noted in the past, if duck is on the menu, Matt will likely order it. Fleur de Lys offers Confit de Canard with Pommes de Terre Sarladaise ($5.50, gluten-free), and it quickly became a favorite of Matt’s last year.

2015 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival Menu Prices Fleur de Lys

The Confit de Canard features Pulled Duck Confit with Garlic and Parsley Potatoes. Last year, the first portion we ordered offered a healthy dose of gravy, but one our second visit, the dish looks much more like what we received this year.


Matt loved the duck itself, and while the potatoes we bland last year, that was not the case this year. He found them to be overwhelming in the parsley category. But as we all know, things change during the course of the Festival. Despite the parsley, it’s very much still a dish Matt will likely order again before the Festival ends.


Last year, I wasn’t crazy about the Macaron a la Fleur d’ Oranger, and Matt was not a fan at all. I thought this year’s Macaron Guimauve a la Fraise ($4.50, gluten-free) would be more to his liking, as he loves strawberries.


I found the presentation of the “newsprint” sleeve to be more fun than a plain plate.


I took my first bite, and Frankenberry is what immediately came to mind. There was an intense faux-strawberry flavor that I only associate with that cereal. It did something for nostalgia, but eating the whole macaron was a bit of a struggle due to its sweetness.



Matt tried a bite, but just isn’t a fan of a macaron’s texture in general. I thought the filling here was good on its own, with the pairing of a strawberry jam and marshmallow. While it’s not something I’ll order again, macaron and sweets fans will likely enjoy this one.


On a subsequent visit, I stopped by the kiosk to try the Ice Pop ($6.75). This adult take features Gran Marnier Peach Raspberry, Vodka, and Iced Tea.


This treat reminded me of Snapple Peach Tea with its flavor profile. The boozy flavors were noticeable, and it was a fun change from a slushy drink. This was my “breakfast” for the day, and even with the heat at 11 a.m., you’ll want to be sure to grab several napkins, as when it starts melting, the base will start to drip, leaving your hands very sticky. While Matt didn’t try this one, I don’t think he’d be a fan as he doesn’t care for peaches or tea.




We tried the Gnocchis Parisienne à la Provençal ($4.75) last year and weren’t particularly fond of the dishes, leaving it off of our agenda this year.



I think this year that France’s solids at the Confit de Canard and the Ice Pop. The duck will likely be seen again, and I think this year’s macaron is a big improvement over 2014’s. Whether or not we try the gnocchi again it still to be determined, but I’m not opposed to giving it another chance.

Have you stopped by Fleur de Lys? What is your favorite item?


5 responses to “2015 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival: Fleur de Lys

  1. That ice pop looks amazing!!!! So bummed I won’t be around this year to try one.

  2. Does the marshmallow seem homemade, at least?

  3. Bibbidi – It was definitely a nice change of pace for a menu item!

    Jenn – I don’t know for sure. Being served chilled, it was seemingly thicker than Fluff.

  4. I loved the macaron but I am a huge strawberry fan. My husband took one bite and like you said it tasted like Strawberry Quik or Frankenberry. Sadly I loved both growing up so that was great for me. The really strawberry flavor form the center really helped.

    We did try the gnocchi this year and didn’t really care for it. The gnocchi were very dense and the sauce was too strong and rich. Together we only ate a few bites.

    I have to try the ice pop. I was afraid it would melt really fast before it could be eaten because liquor doesn’t freeze well. Thank you for the napkin warning!

  5. Tracy – I used to drink Strawberry Quick and eat Frankenberry as a kid as well, but they just taste so artificial to me now after not having them for so long. The strawberry jam in the center did indeed help, though. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Even though we didn’t order the gnocchi this year, I do recall them being very dense. The ice pop held up okay, but by the time I had walked from France to Morocco, I found myself grabbing napkins from the Taste of Marrakesh kiosk. I then headed back over to the outdoor seating at Tangierine Cafe to finish it so I could wash my hands in the adjacent bathroom. 🙂