Breakfast at Be Our Guest


When breakfast reservations were announced at Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom, I was a bit unsure on if I wanted to go. A prix fixe breakfast for $20, or spending that money on the buffet at The Wave. Of course, I had to go with something new for the blog.


A lot of people are complaining about the price. With how popular this restaurant is, it seems rather fair to me. Between the pastries, entree, and beverage, an a la carte price would be similar. I spent almost as much the previous day on lunch at Min & Bill’s, and that place certainly does not have the same ambiance.


I was able to get a reservation for myself, but a table for two was not an option, so Matt wasn’t able to join me. There were still plenty of tables at the time of my reservation. Also note that arriving early for your reservation will not grant you early access. The CM cannot check you in until your time hits. All entrees come with an assortment of pastries, including a Cinnamon Roll, Mini Muffins, a Chocolate Croissant and a plain Croissant. I’m not sure if they bring out a full tray per guest, as I neglected to scope out other tables.


Since I wasn’t interested in the pastries, I was able to get a to-go box at the end of my meal and brought them home for Matt. These were pretty standard in terms of Disney pastries.




For my entree, I ordered the Open-Face Bacon and Egg Sandwich, which features Poached Eggs, Applewood Bacon, and Brie Cheese on a Toasted Baguette. It is served with fresh Fruit, consisting of grapes, strawberry, canteloupe, honeydew, and I think there was pineapple.



At first, I wanted to order the Assorted Cured Meats and Cheese, but the abundance of ham turned me off. Typically, I’m not a fan of poached eggs, but they were nicely done here and added a nice creaminess to the toasted bread.


The bacon was my favorite part here, as it wasn’t that flimsy, transparent bacon you find at most Disney restaurants. Of the entree options for adults, I think this dish probably offers the most bang for your buck.



For those that just want the opportunity to dine at Be Our Guest, I’m glad they are offering a breakfast option, even if it is prix fixe. There just seems to be such a lack of breakfast food outside of pastries in the parks in general, and for those who don’t want a character meal/buffet, it’s a good – and less expensive – option. Do I feel the need to go back for breakfast? Not necessarily. What I ordered was very good, but I’m not sure I’d consider it a must-have. Still, if Matt wants to go in the future, I’d be happy to revisit.

Have you been able to visit Be Our Guest for breakfast? Do you think you will if you can get a reservation?


7 responses to “Breakfast at Be Our Guest

  1. Glad to see a review! I would like to try breakfast here – I like a lighter breakfast and a lot of these options seem to fill that (except for the crossiant donut!). It looks like good food.

  2. Can you substitute some other cheese for the brie? My husband is allergic to it.

  3. The $20 price tag does seem a bit high for some of the items, but the open-face sandwich looks pretty delicious and a decent value as well. I will definitely consider this for our next trip if dinner or lunch isn’t an option.

  4. Anna – Disney is usually very good about making substitutions in general, especially for guests with allergies. Be sure to make a note when making your reservation, and ask the cast member for assistance when placing your order.

    Sarah – Yes, some of the items are a better value for the price.

  5. I’m sitting on a reservation to BOG for breakfast, and I don’t think I’ll keep it. For $20 I would much rather dine elsewhere where I can get more varierty and larger portions. Kona Cafe for example.

  6. BoG is definitely a situation where you pay a premium for the ambience and experience.