Earl of Sandwich’s Limited Time Cannonballs!


Back in January, Earl of Sandwich announced that it would be bringing back its Cannonballs! sandwich for a limited time. It took some time for us to return for the sandwich, but as of today, it’s still available and likely will be for a couple more weeks (no April Fools’ joke!).


When Earl of Sandwich first revamped its menu last April, I – along with many, many others – were sad to see that Cannonballs! was no longer on the menu. Matt and I wanted to be sure we could enjoy it before it disappeared from the menu again, so I stopped by Downtown Disney to order some to bring home.


Was it as good as I remembered? Yes. It was like it never left. Tender, well seasoned meatballs, chunky, flavorful marinara, and plenty of melted mozzarella and Parmesan, all tucked into Earl’s toasty bread.


I might have to stop by one more time before this sandwich leaves to make way for the next Limited Time sandwich. 🙂


If you too love the Cannonballs! sandwich, you’ll want to stop by sooner rather than later so you don’t miss out. Will you be picking one up?


2 responses to “Earl of Sandwich’s Limited Time Cannonballs!

  1. Are Cannonballs still available at DTD?

  2. Unfortunately, no. It was a Limited Time release and ended back in April.