Harambe Market to Open Late-May at Animal Kingdom

Harambe Market is slated to open in late May as part of the new Harambe Village at Animal Kingdom, reports the Disney Parks Blog. Here, African-inspired street food will be available at four walk-up windows, and 200+ shaded seats will be available for guests.

harambe-market-at-harambe-village© Disney

Theming is based around a Colonial-era train depot boasting a 1960s water tower. Harambe Marketplace creates a sort of welcoming center for world travelers visiting the seaside town, and a gateway to the reserves of Africa. Chef Lenny DeGeorge, who led the Food and Beverage concept development team, says that “The menus reflect the unique personalities of the establishments’ owners.”

“Kitamu Grill” will offer Skewered Chicken and a Kabob Flatbread Sandwich (below, respectively).

harambe-market-skewered-chicken© Disney


harambe-market-kabob-flatbread© Disney


“Famous Sausages” will sell a South African-style Corn Dog, featuring boerewors (a type of sausage), dipped in curry-infused corn batter (below).

harambe-market-corn-dog-chickpea-salad© Disney

“Chef Mwanga’s” will serve a Spice-rubbed Karubi Rib with Green Papaya-Carrot Slaw (below). Chef DeGeorge notes that this rib is “our version of the giant turkey legs served in the Disney theme parks.”

harambe-market-spice-rubbed-karubi-rib© Disney

A fourth window, Wanjohi Refreshments (“wanjohi” means “brewer” in Swahili), will offer beverages: six South African wines by the glass; Safari Amber Lager and Orlando Brewing I-4 IPA (both on draft); Red Sangria with Van der Hum Tangerine Liqueur from South Africa; and The Starr of Harambe (a frozen drink with Starr African Rum with Mango Puree in a Souvenir Mug). Those looking for  non-alcoholic beverages can enjoy Tangerine Lemonade and fountain beverages, including Sparberry from Zimbabwe and Bibo from South Africa.



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