2015 Flower & Garden: Revisiting Jardin de Fiestas’ Taco al Pastor


Whereas Matt can always go for Chinese (or, in general, Asian) food, that’s how I am with Mexican. So when Matt suggested swinging by Jardin de Fiestas to revisit the Taco al Pastor, I happily obliged.

2015 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival Menu Prices Jardin de Fiestas

During our first trip to the festival together, we often order just one of the items to share since there is so much eating we like to accomplish for the blog. However, once those items have been consumed, we revisit old favorites, even if they’re not necessarily the best the festival has to offer. This was one of those occasions we each ordered our own Taco al Pastor, which features a Corn Tortilla filled with Achiote-marinated Pork garnished with Grilled Diced Pineapple, Onions, Cilantro, and Salsa Verde.


Once again, the pork was tender but not as messy to eat as the first time, though some juices dripped onto our plates as we ate. There was also less pork this time around, though still an okay amount for the price tag (I’ve paid $4 in Downtown Orlando for a single taco of lesser quality and quantity of meat). Again, there was a mild heat balanced with a touch of sweetness from the pineapple and onions, as well as some cooling from the cilantro.


Here’s a look at the Taco al Pastor from our first trip. Note there was more pork and seemingly less, or perhaps more distributed, salsa verde. The pineapple remained about the same, and there was a touch more cilantro.


Not only was the pork more widely distributed on the tortilla, it was also stacked higher.


What have you ordered from Jardin de Fiestas? Do you have a favorite menu item?


3 responses to “2015 Flower & Garden: Revisiting Jardin de Fiestas’ Taco al Pastor

  1. V No Privacy

    I got this in mid April and had even LESS pork and LESS salsa than you got! It was a big meh for me. The chocolate “flan” dessert was way better.

  2. Sounds like consistency continues to be an issue there… Well, at least they are consistent at being inconsistent!! 😛
    Jokes aside, that Flan de Queso in the menu sounds yummy!

  3. V – Ugh, that stinks! We’ve been liking the desserts from Mexico between F&G and F&W.

    Ricardo – I think that it will always be an issue. It would take too long to measure out each portion of each element. The lines in the sun already get long enough! 🙂