2015 Flower & Garden: Revisiting Hanami’s Teriyaki Curry Bun


During one of my solo excursions to the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, I stopped by Hanami in Japan. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’re likely aware that I’m not a fan of Teriyaki sauce, while Matt would probably drink it if it was socially acceptable. I ordered the Teriyaki Curry Bun on my own free will, and really liked it. I wasn’t sure how Matt would take to it, however, since the sweet Teriyaki flavor was more of a background note.

2015 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival Menu Prices Hanami

Because it’s an interesting festival option, Matt wanted to give it a try. The chicken in this dish is at the forefront, nestled in a steamed, slightly sweet, chewy bun.


Overall, Matt liked it, but he noted what I anticipated: he wished there was more Teriyaki flavor over the curry. I gave it a taste, and it was just like when I had originally tried it. The curry flavor is more pronounced over the Teriyaki, but it’s far from what I consider might be overwhelming. It’s definitely worth a try at Hanami.


Here is a look at my original tasting of the Teriyaki Curry Bun:



Have you stopped by Hanami? What is your favorite item?


4 responses to “2015 Flower & Garden: Revisiting Hanami’s Teriyaki Curry Bun

  1. Have you guys tried the teriyaki chicken kabobs at Yak and Yeti? They are loaded with teriyaki sauce and yummy!

  2. We haven’t! Sounds like it would be up Matt’s alley, though. We often end up with the Dim Sum Basket for Two – we split it with him getting the Pork Siu Mai and me taking the Shrimp Siu Mai (since he doesn’t like shrimp at all).

  3. I don’t think there were food booths at F&G when I last went… But Hanami at last year’s F&WF was pretty good! This curry bun looks pretty good and I’d try it right away if I could. The one item that I believe was available at F&WF that I regret not trying was Frushi. With so many options that is one that I unfortunately had to skip… Next time!! 🙂

  4. The food kiosks were introduced to F&G in 2013, and Frushi has been a staple since then. I don’t believe it’s ever been served at F&W, though. But if you look at reviews and menus a lot, I’m sure it’s easy to mix them up (especially since they reuse the physical booths and have similar menu boards!). 🙂