Earl of Sandwich’s Caribbean Jerk Chicken Sandwich


The Caribbean Jerk Chicken used to be a menu staple on Earl of Sandwich’s menu, but when the menu was revamped last spring, it didn’t make the cut. This was a bummer, because I had it in 2013 and really enjoyed it. Last month, it reappeared as a Limited Time sandwich.


Being a heat-seeker, I had to stop by for the sandwich. It features Grilled Chicken, Roasted Red Peppers, Banana Peppers and Spicy Jerk Sauce. Considering some of the food I eat, this is on the mild side for me.


The sandwich had what I would say is Earl’s standard, which is still a good amount, which virtually each bite getting some chicken in it.


While the jerk sauce had a little bit of heat, the majority of it comes from the banana peppers. If you can handle banana peppers, you can handle this sandwich. The red peppers were a touch sparse compared to last time, but while they add a little sweetness to balance the spice, I didn’t mind there being less. For all I know, the recipe could have been tweaked so that heat was a more prominent note.


Since it’s a Limited Time offering, I’ll make my way back to order another on a future trip to Disney Springs. I might even have to stack it up against the Chipotle Chicken Avocado to see which one is the better option for those who like some heat. I’ll let you know if I do. 😉

Are you a fan of Earl of Sandwich’s Caribbean Jerk Chicken Sandwich? Will you be able to order it during the Limited Time it’s here?


6 responses to “Earl of Sandwich’s Caribbean Jerk Chicken Sandwich

  1. But… banana peppers aren’t spicy?

    I didn’t think their “spicy” tuna wrap was spicy either. Bring your own roasted chipotle hot sauce, I say!

  2. Banana peppers can come in hot or sweet – they use the hot kind. I’d go so far as to say the vast majority of sandwich shops I’ve been to that have them offer exclusively hot.

  3. V No Privacy

    When I had mine (still finishing up that Eat Every Sandwich Challenge lol), it was oversauced and not spicy. But that was some time ago so hopefully they’ve adjusted the recipe!

  4. At the Earl of Sandwich here at Disneyland Paris, we have the Caribbean Jerk all year round, which I like, but I definitely prefer the heat of the Chipotle Chicken. Unfortunately what we trade for the availability of the Caribbean Jerk is no Holiday Turkey. Ever. Sad faces all around.

    Glad to hear you guys have it back even for a limited time and thanks for the review!

  5. V – That stinks that it was oversauced! That can really kill what could be a good sandwich. Considering this sandwich is very tame in terms of heat in my book, I thought it was pretty good in terms of overall flavor. Good luck on continuing the challenge! 🙂

  6. Melanie – We used to have it all year round too, but they removed it from our menu in 2014. 😦 The Chipotle Chicken does have more heat and smokiness, which adds a nice variance from their other sandwiches. That’s terrible you never get the holiday turkey! I’m not big on the more traditional Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner, but I do enjoy that sandwich!