Capt. Cook’s Breakfast Sandwich


Can you believe it’s been almost four years since I’ve had a “Disney Standard” breakfast sandwich? I’m not talking about the surprisingly different – and delicious – one at Pizzafari (I know, right?!). I’m talking about your basic croissant, bacon, egg, and cheese. The last time I ordered one, I was at The Mara at Animal Kingdom Lodge. This time, I ordered one at Capt. Cook’s at the Polynesian Resort Village.


I’m sure there are some of you that are questioning, “BUT WHY DIDN’T YOU ORDER THE TONGA TOAST?!” Listen. It’s good, but just  not my style. I like savory. The Breakfast Sandwich isn’t fancy – Eggs, Bacon, and Cheddar on a Croissant. Nice and simple.


It’s a deceptively large sandwich, and seemingly larger than what I had at The Mara almost four years back. The croissant itself was flaky and buttery, and was very fresh-tasting.


The eggs were quite good, but not necessarily the best I’ve had on property. The bacon, though appearance-wise looks like the translucent “buffet bacon,” was actually a bit thicker and had some bite to it. Apart from the bacon, the Cheddar added some saltiness to the sandwich.


As I stated before, it’s not a fancy dish, but it hits the spot. For those of us who prefer savory items, especially at breakfast, this is a great option. In the future, I would likely go for this, but not until I give their Breakfast Burrito a try. If you like eating dessert for breakfast (Hey, you’re on vacation!), go for the Tonga Toast. I’m not stopping you. 😉 I’ll be happy with my Breakfast Sandwich. 🙂

Have you grabbed breakfast at Capt. Cook’s? What is your go-to breakfast?


3 responses to “Capt. Cook’s Breakfast Sandwich

  1. Y’know, even as a sugar person I don’t quite get the Tonga Toast hype. I think the macadamia nut pancakes are a much more delicious option.

  2. Nice! I really miss the breakfast sandwiches at Main Street Bakery. Breakfast there used to be our “must do” list at least twice a trip. We miss a decent breakfast offering at Magic Kingdom.

  3. The one time I had a bite of Tonga Toast (someone else ordered it and even she didn’t like it) I thought it tasted odd. Like there was booze in it or something (mostly because it tasted the same way gasoline smells which is basically how booze tastes to me). I agree with Jen, love their macadamia-pineapple pancakes.