Lunch at Paradiso 37


It’s been a good three years since I last visited Paradiso 37. That visit was not particularly a good one, and I was underwhelmed by it enough that I didn’t have any desire to return. Because it had been so long since that visit, I thought it was time to swing by for another try.

What was once called the “Mangled Margarita” is now the P37 Swirl. The P37 Swirl is a combination of their P37 Margarita swirled with their “famous red sangria,” which can be ordered frozen or on the rocks. My drink this visit was a bit different than in the past, and it seemed the sangria that was swirled in wasn’t frozen. If it was, it was very thin. Flavor-wise, it’s about what you can expect from a frozen margarita machine, but I wasn’t looking for anything fancy.

paradiso-37-p37-swirl-margarita-sangriaP37 Swirl

Mangled MargaritaMangled Margarita in 2011

For my meal, I ordered the Chorizo and Beef Skewers from the appetizer menu. These are described as Spicy Chorizo Skewers, Marinated Beef Skewers, Chimichurri Pita Bread, Marinated Mushrooms with Citrus Yogurt Sauce (serves two). And I apologize in advance for the photos – iPhone 6 with horrible backlight is not fun for me, either.


The “Chimichurri Pita Bread” as it’s listed on the menu doesn’t exist. I think they forgot the comma. There was chimichurri on the steak pieces, but the pita bread was the stuff you can find in the supermarket.


The chorizo was pretty good. The pearl onions were nicely cooked, and there were also sauteed red onions on the plate. Tucked into a half of a pita with a quick dip in the Citrus Yogurt Sauce, they were very shawarma-like. The sauce itself reminded me of tzaziki. Well, I’m pretty sure it was simply tzaziki.


As I mentioned, the steak had the chimichurri on it, and was skewered with grape tomatoes. The steak was flav0rful, I think thanks to the chimichurri or very possibly a marinade, and fairly tender. It worked fine with the Citrus Yogurt Sauce, but it really didn’t need it.


As an appetizer for two, it’s pretty substantial for its price at $16.99. I easily made half of it a meal, and brought the rest home for Matt to try. We still have some left. While it’s not something I’d go out of my way for, it at least put the establishment back into my good graces. I’d order it again, but there are still other items that pique my interest. Note: those items are NOT the P-37 Nachos or Mexican Dipping Trio.

What do you like to order from Paradiso 37? Is there a hidden gem on which I’m missing out?


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