Dinner at The Rebel Hangar: A Star Wars Lounge Experience


Last month, we found out about a fun little addition to Star Wars Weekends – The Rebel Hangar: A Star Wars Lounge Experience. I had originally had a reservation last week, but needed to change it. I ended up visiting on Tuesday (and got back to my truck before the skies REALLY started pouring!). Originally to be held during the actual event weekends, it proved so popular they opened up reservations during the first full week (which is when I first booked), followed the remaining weekdays of Star Wars Weekends. According to my waiter, the original weekend reservations were gone in less than two hours.


Outdoor seating is open to guests dining at Backlot Express, and a hostess station inside the “hangar” is where you check in and receive a pager. Mine started buzzing about a minute after I sat down at one of the patio tables.


rebel-hangar-a-star-wars-experience-upper-seatingView from my table

The Star Wars theme is simple, with posters and some accessories on the walls, but it works well with the Backlot Express’ normal theme. It is temporary, after all.

rebel-hangar-a-star-wars-experience-hallwayLooking down the ramp

rebel-hangar-a-star-wars-experience-lower-seatingLower level seating, and the red curtain segregates Backlot guests from the Hangar

rebel-hangar-a-star-wars-experience-tableMy table

A look at the menu:





Since Matt couldn’t join me, I only ordered one item: the Trio of Thermal Detonators. These are Pork Wings with Spicy Piquillo Pepper Sauce served with Coleslaw ($11.49). The portion size and price was comparable to other table service restaurants on property. I could easily see this as an appetizer at say, Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater. I paired my wings with a Sam Adams Rebel IPA. Well, I really wouldn’t call it a pairing; I just wanted a draft beer. 🙂


The Spicy Piquillo Pepper Sauce had a more in-depth flavor than a standard buffalo wing, and had a thickness that really stuck to the pork wing. The overall heat level was on par with a buffalo wing, perhaps a touch more kick.


The meat was very tender, as you can see from it falling off the bone.


The Coleslaw was not your typical Disney slaw, either. It had more mayonnaise and a richness to it. It helped bring a bit of coolness to the entire dish.


And of course, there were characters roaming about an posing for pictures. I also spotted Chewbacca (but he never visited my particular area for a good picture), Greedo, and Figrin D’an (or one of the Modal Nodes…).



I was talking with my waiter, and he said that weeknights are the best time to see more diverse characters. Chewie is busy working on the Millenium Falcon on the weekends, and the Jawas are off trading in the deserts. He also noted that they are able to accommodate walk-ins a bit easier. Don’t hold me to this, though. I definitely recommend a reservation just to be safe! And if you order a beer, you can always added a “glowy, light-up thing” (for a charge, of course).

In all, I had a really great time at The Rebel Hangar. My waiter was very nice and attentive, and the characters were fun with their interactions. They weren’t just a photo op – they were truly in character. They kept pointing at the Yankee logo on my shirt (my waiter noted that Darth Vader would be happy to see that), and one even noticed my Apple Watch and poked at the screen a bit. The Thermal Detonators were very good, and one of the characters even pointed out as a favorite along with the Lightsaber Bites. While I don’t know if I’ll make it back before it disappears, I’d love to see this become more than a temporary engagement, or at least return next year.

Have you visited The Rebel Hangar: A Star Wars Lounge Experience? What did you order, and what were your thoughts?


2 responses to “Dinner at The Rebel Hangar: A Star Wars Lounge Experience

  1. I know this is SO nitpicky, but I’m itching to rewrite the backstory for them. Someone really likes the word “thriving.”

  2. I really hoping that the talk of a Star Wars land at DHS come to happen & The Rebel Hanger or something similar is a permanent fixture. I really wanted to try the Rebel Hanger but due to a very expensive New Orleans trip I just got back from, no Star Wars weekends for me this year. I’ve already got plans with a friend to go next year so we can take his daughter. (Much to his wife’s dismay, he’s gotten his 4 year old daughter really into Star Wars. The wife can’t stand the movies.)