Trout Pass Pool Bar


Matt and I have visited several of the pool bars at the resorts over the years, but one I don’t recall every really visiting is Trout Pass Pool Bar at Wilderness Lodge. The area was refurbished recently, primarily adding a fence to the pool, restricting it to guests staying at the Lodge. However, the Trout Pass Pool Bar is outside that area, and, while its menu is relatively standard as far as Disney pool bars go, we stopped by for a drink.


The menu here is limited to drinks, and those seeking a snack have an assortment of chips to choose from (those seeking more than that can head inside to the nearby Roaring Fork). One of the drinks that caught our eye was the Black Cherry Lemonade. I had ordered this drink in the past from the Maji Pool Bar at Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Kidani Village, but it’s one Matt has never tried. He has heard of it, though, as it was his brother-in-law’s go-to cocktail on a recent trip.


It’s a simple enough drink: Grey Goose Cherry Noir Vodka, Odwalla Lemonade, Fresh Lime Juice, and Grenadine topped with Sprite. It’s a little tart, a bit of sweet, and a lot of delicious. We each may have had more than one. 🙂


The Trout Pass Pool Bar has ample seating around the bar itself, flanking the walk-up area, as well as tables with umbrellas for those seeking to spread out a bit more. On our visit, the pool had a good number of people, but the location of the resort makes it feel a bit more serene than some of the others. If you find yourself at Wilderness Lodge, I recommend grabbing a drink and enjoying the setting.

Have you visited Trout Pass Pool Bar? Do you have a favorite pool bar-standard drink at the resorts?


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