Lunch at Siestas Cantina


Siestas Cantina is the counter service restaurant adjacent to Laguna Bar at the Lost City of Cibola pool, located at Coronado Springs resort. After a delicious breakfast at Las Ventanas, I walked around the resort a bit to attempt to burn of some of those calories, and after a lap I made my way over to the pool area. There, I was able to quickly place an order for the Siestas Nachos, and within a minute or so they were ready. I took some pictures and a few quick bites, and then I tucked the dish as best as I could into a foam container to bring home so Matt could have some, too.


The Siestas Nachos feature Corn Tortilla Chips, Shredded Beef, Diced Tomato, Black Olives, Jalapeno, and Cheese Sauce. I think the diced tomatoes was actually more of a Pico de Gallo, which comes on their Taco Salad, due to the addition of chopped white onions. There is also a sprinkling of cilantro.


When ordering, I wasn’t really paying 100% attention to the menu, and assumed there would be seasoned ground beef as opposed to shredded beef. I was sort of craving the Tex-Mex flavors from the ground beef, but was beyond happy with the shredded beef here. It was tender and was well-seasoned, and went well with the other flavors on the nachos. The chips were thin, fresh, hot and crispy, and held up quite nicely to healthy dose of toppings. With the freshness of everything, you kind of forgot you were eating plastic cheese.


I brought these home and Matt also thought they were great. He was a bit surprised that these came from a restaurant next to a pool. The only thing he didn’t like were the black olives. He’s just not a fan of them in general.

Here is the menu from my visit:


It’s been almost two years since my last visit to Siestas Cantina, where I ordered the Pork Carnitas Tacos, which I brought home. These are still on the menu. In fact, the menu changes have really only been to some prices, and the addition of breakfast.


Overall, I’m really happy with the Siestas Nachos from Siestas Cantina. The pool set for a nice backdrop while snacking on them while sitting with a beer at the Laguna Bar (Note: You can’t order a beer from Siestas Cantina – you have to go to the separate bar). My two experiences have been very good ones, and I’m sure I’ll be back in the future.

Have you ordered a meal from Siestas Cantina? Do you have a favorite item?


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