Promenade Refreshment’s Buffalo & Bacon Sausage


Something kind of cool happened at Epcot the other day, guys. I was making my way to Spaceship Earth from International Gateway, and I just happened to glance at Promenade Refreshments’ menu while passing by. I immediately knew what I would be having for lunch. Yes, the Buffalo & Bacon Sausage with House-made Ranch Kettle Chips.


Based on description alone, my assumption was that bacon was incorporated into the sausage. That’s not the case, as you can see. Instead, there is a healthy dose of crispy, chopped bacon topping the buffalo sausage. Also, trash can food photos because they could really use some high tops!


In addition, topping the sausage are sauteed onions and some sort of sauce that didn’t really have much flavor. I think it may have been an Alabama White Sauce, but if that was the case, it was bland.


The sausage itself had a nice snap that makes me believe it has a natural casing. The seasoning was on point. You can definitely tell this is different from something like an Italian sausage in both flavor and texture.


The House-made Ranch Kettle Chips were quite good as well, but I would have been happy with just plain salt. Note that if you order the regular hot dog, it comes with plain Lay’s chips.


To some, this probably isn’t the most exciting thing on the planet, but when inundated with plain hot dogs, burgers, and chicken nuggets, this is a welcome guest into the arena, especially at a counter service establishment. Normally, we’d have to wait for Food & Wine or Flower & Garden Festivals to get something a bit different. I really hope this item sticks around. I know Matt will like it, and I’ll definitely order this again.

Have you tried the Buffalo & Bacon Sausage or House-made Ranch Kettle Chips from Promenade Refreshments?


One response to “Promenade Refreshment’s Buffalo & Bacon Sausage

  1. This almost brought me to tears! You had me at bacon!!