Breakfast at Captain’s Grille


Over the weekend, I made a reservation at Captain’s Grille to revisit the restaurant for breakfast. It has been a few years since my last breakfast visit (in fact, I’ve only been for breakfast), so it was time to stop by again. Located in the Yacht Club just off the lobby, the restaurant offers an a la carte menu as well as a buffet. On the date of my visit (6/13/15), the price of the buffet was $21.99 and included soft drinks, juice, tea, or coffee. Since I wasn’t in the mood for a big meal, I opted for their Poached Eggs.


The Poached Eggs feature Lump Crab Salad, Serrano Ham, Potato Rösti, and Hollandaise. The dish comes as two miniature rosti – which really tasked like it was indeed just potato (and a bit underdone) – each stacked with lump crab salad and a poached egg, them topped with hollandaise and a sprinkle of crisped Serrano ham. The salt from the Serrano ham and sweetness of the crab were welcome to the dish, as overall, it was a bit bland. I’m not one to add salt or pepper to a dish, but I did grab both grinders here, which definitely improved the dish. Otherwise, the egg was nicely poached.


Here is the menu:


Overall, I had a really nice experience for my breakfast at Captain’s Grille. The host was able to accommodate me earlier than my reservation, and gave me the option of table or booth. My server was very sweet, and brought me a refill on my soda before I needed to ask. While I’m not sure I’d go for the Poached Eggs dish in the future, I’d happily return to the restaurant.

Have you been to Captains Grille for breakfast? Do you prefer the buffet or a la carte?


2 responses to “Breakfast at Captain’s Grille

  1. Haven’t tried Captain’s Grille for breakfast, but I’m hoping to during my July visit. The lobster omelet sounds good. If I can convince my husband to go with me, I think he could eat enough smoked salmon from the buffet to make them regret the $21.99 price tag. (I’ve seen him go through 2 plates of the stuff when we’ve cruised. He doesn’t bother with a bagel or toast, just eats smoked salmon like there’s no tomorrow.)

    I ate there for lunch a few years ago & enjoyed it very much. Had a caprese sandwich that was nice.

  2. If he can eat smoked salmon without loading up on carbs, it sounds like he would indeed get his money’s worth! I’ve had the caprese sandwich you had, but over at Crew’s Cup. Delicious!