Bradley Falls’ Thai Pork Sandwich


While spending time at Animal Kingdom this weekend, checking out the new sights (more to come regarding Zuri’s Sweets Shop), I was on my way from Kilimanjaro Safaris to my FastPass for Expedition Everest. Bradley Falls happened to be open (as you can see it was not when I took the above photo), and the Thai Pork Sandwich caught my eye. It was time for lunch, so I placed my order and grabbed a seat at a nearby table.


Now, I’m going to be blunt. This sandwich is $9.49 and does not come with a side. For the price, you typically get fries or apple slices or something. Did I need a side? No. But this was definitely a pricey lunch taken at face value. That being said, it was really good.


The pork itself was nicely seasoned and tender, but a bit generic on it’s “Thai” flavor. The slaw added a vinegar-y kick and some crunch, tying in nicely with the soft bun. The entire time I was eating it, I kept thinking about how Matt would like this sandwich. I was surprised myself by how much I liked it, as Matt is the one who typically goes for pork sandwiches and Thai flavors.


The last time we visited once-vegetarian Bradley Falls, Matt had ordered the Asian Noodle Salad, while I ordered the now defunct Thai Coconut Soup.

bradley-falls-asian-noodle-saladAsian Noodle Salad

The Thai Pork Sandwich from Bradley Falls is something I would order again as long as Matt was with me and interested in trying it. It’s on the pricey side for the amount of food you receive, especially when I can be satiated across the way at Mr. Kamal’s with the Samosa or Falafel Sandwich. But when it comes to pork sandwiches at Disney, it’s definitely one to keep on the radar.

Have you tried the Thai Pork Sandwich? What did you think of it?


2 responses to “Bradley Falls’ Thai Pork Sandwich

  1. The pork looks pretty good, especially with the slaw but the noodles look good too. Is this cold like the peanut noodle salad in Poly? My friend and I tried that recently during a stay and fell in love with it, especially the larger size that came with chicken. Extremely filling even with us sharing it and we stayed full for probably close to 7-8 hours before our 9pm dinner at V&A.

  2. These noodles are different that both the noodles I’ve had at the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show and at ‘Ohana’s. The flavors were not the same as either of those (which have been different from each other in my experiences) and quite bland.