New Menu Items Coming to The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge


The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge at Hollywood Studios is adding some new food items and drinks to their menu, reports the Disney Parks Blog. New dishes include a Grilled Bloody Mary-marinated Shrimp and Chorizo and Heirloom Tomatoes on Toasted Ciabatta with Garlic Herb Butter. A new seasonal soup – Zellwood Corn Bisque served with a Corn and Lobster Fritter and Ancho Chili Oil – has also been added. The Crispy Bites feature Parmesan and Goat Cheese Risotto Sticks with a Peach-Habanero Chili Sauce, Brie, Sweet Onion and Orange Jam, and Affiné Blue and Mushroom Arancini with Fig and Balsamic Dip. Of course, favorite dishes like The Famous Hollywood Brown Derby Cobb Salad, Derby Sliders, and Artisanal Cheeses and Charcuterie Board remain on the menu.


Bloody Mary-marinated Shrimp on Ciabatta, Cobb Salad,
Grapefruit Martini, and Sangria


 Derby Sliders and Mint Julep

On the drink menu, you’ll find a Mint Julep made with premium reserve bourbon. A Bloody Mary features  Pepper-infused Vodka and a garnish of Olives, Spicy Pickles, and Pickled Green Beans. A Champagne Cocktail features Fairytale by Iron Horse Celebration Cuvee and a sweet and floral Elderflower Liqueur. Sangria is available as well. Finally, a Grapefruit Cake Martini is a play on their classic dessert.

hollywood-brown-derby-lounge-artisanal-cheese-charcuterie-baord-bloody-mary© Disney

Artisanal Cheese & Charcuterie and Bloody Mary

Matt and I are already big fans of the Brown Derby Lounge, so we’re excited for these new additions! Be sure to check out our past reviews as well: one, two, three, and four.

Which new dishes and/or drinks are you excited to try?


4 responses to “New Menu Items Coming to The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge

  1. This is one of our favorite spots to relax at DHL. Can’t wait to try out the new menu!

  2. We love relaxing with a few plates and drinks! 🙂

  3. We have an ADR for the Hollywood Brown Derby for lunch since we are somewhat picky eaters and the lunch specials sound good. But for the cobb salad for example, can you substitute chicken for the turkey?

  4. You can always ask, but if they can’t accommodate chicken, they might be able to sub out the turkey with something else that is already in the salad.