New Beverages From Tokyo Dining in Epcot


Today in Epcot, Tanabata, the Star Festival in Japanese culture, is being celebrated, according to the Disney Parks Blog. Cast members at the pavilion are wearing traditional Kimono, and in the afternoon guests are invited to write wishes on slips of paper and place them on a bamboo tree in Mitsukoshi. Tokyo Dining has also recently developed a new beverage menu.

tokyo-dining-sake© Disney

Garin Williamson, beverage manager for Tokyo Dining and Teppan Edo, notes the menu has “a focus on natural, fresh ingredients, these drinks have a distinct Japanese flair.”

tokyo-dining-sake-2© Disney

Above, a masu box is overflowed to show generosity.

tokyo-dining-shochu-squeeze© Disney

The Shochu Squeeze offers guests a hands-on experience. They can choose from grapefruit, lemon, or orange to hand-squeeze into a glass of shochu.

tokyo-dining-shochu-squeeze-2© Disney


tokyo-dining-junmai-sake-flight© Disney

The Junmai Sake Flight offers Junmai, Junmai Ginjyo, and Junmai Daiginjyo.

tokyo-dining-sake-mojito-okinawa-beach-green-tea-martini© Disney

Three brightly colored drinks include the Sake Mojito, made with with sake, shochu, Japanese shiso herb, fresh mint. The tropical Okinawa Beach features gold tequila, blue curacao, pineapple juice, sour mix and Calpico. Those who enjoy tea can order the Green Tea Martini with honey-infused matcha tea and vodka.

Which one (or ones) are you most interested in trying?


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