Guest Post: Cheap Eats at Epcot with Ashley Dickey

Today we have a special guest, Ashley Dickey with Reserve Orlando, sharing with us her top choices on where to find Cheap eats at Epcot. You can read more about her here. So without further ado, here’s Ashley!

One place you can really indulge inside Disney World Theme Parks is Epcot. Stroll around World Showcase, home to 11 countries, and sample delicacies and traditional treats simmering with distinct flavor. Bite into a piece of Italian margherita pizza before chowing on a Moroccan lamb-filled skewer. Some places are more expensive than others, though, meaning your meals can really add up. Where should you go to get the best cheap eats at Epcot? Follow this guide to find locations that will leave your stomach happy and your wallet full.

Boulangerie Patisserie


boulangerie-patisserie-mousse-au-chocolatMousse au Chocolat

Everything from a sweet treat to a full meal can be bought at Boulangerie, and it’s all delicious. There’s usually a line, but the wait is worth it. For bakery items like pastries, tarts, cheesecakes, éclairs and oh-so-much-more, you’ll pay less than $5. At lunch, a custardy ham and egg quiche in a flaky tart is only $6, while a ham and cheese croissant will set you back only $4.75. Baguette sandwiches, cheese platters and other traditional French bakery favorites are on the menu, too, and nothing costs more than $10.



sommerfest-currywurstSommerfest’s Currywurst

Nothing says German food quite like a beer and a bratwurst. At Sommerfest, order an authentic German sausage on a chewy roll topped with sauerkraut. Add an Altenmünster Oktoberfest beer to wash it all down with. It’s the closest you’ll get to Germany this side of Florida, and it’ll only cost you $15 for both.

Tangierine Café


tangierine-cafe-lamb-shawarma-platterLamb Shawarma Platter

Certainly one of my favorites, the Tangierine Café is an excellent value as servings are large and prices low. Plus, you can’t beat the spice-infused flavors of this Moroccan pavilion café. Sure, you’ll miss the mood lighting and belly dancing of their higher-end sister restaurant Marrakesh, but the food is just as good and the prices are even better. It’s healthy, too, which is rare for theme park fare. Opt for the chicken or lamb schwarma platter, served with a side of hummus, tabouleh, and Tangierine couscous salad with fresh Moroccan bread, then split it. At a cost of $14.95, it’s a cheap meal for two.

Lotus Blossom Café


lotus-blossom-cafe-pot-stickersPot Stickers

You could order a full meal of orange chicken or shrimp friend rice here, but I come for the appetizers. The pot stickers are an ideal on-the-go snack, and at only $5.25, is easy on the pocketbook. Infused with ginger and served with a tangy dip, these pork-filled, dough-encased bites bring a taste of the Orient to Florida.

Kringla Bakeri og Café


kringla-bakeri-og-kafe-norwegian-club-3Norwegian Club

Stop here for Nordic-style sweet treats and sandwiches on a dime. The best sandwich bets—the Norwegian club, layered with ham, turkey, bacon, Jarlsberg and muenster cheese, fresh tomatoes, sliced red onion and lingonberry mayonnaise on toasted multigrain bread; salmon and egg sandwich, served open-faced on sourdough bread topped with smoked salmon, hard-boiled egg, red onion, and creamy goat cheese; and ham and apple sandwich , a sweet and savory combo of ham, apple, Jarlsberg and muenster cheese, and sweet apple chutney on toasted multigrain bread—are $8.49 or less.   The much-raved about School Bread, a sweet bread pastry filled with vanilla custard, is only $2.99 too.

Yorkshire Country Fish Shop


yorkshire-county-fish-shop-fish-and-chipsFish & Chips

Get a taste of jolly old England at the Yorkshire Country Fish Shop, the counter option outside of the more expensive Rose & Crown Pub. Fish and Chips is the go-to selection, and as it’s made to order you can guarantee your two large pieces of fish, perched atop crispy chips (French fries), will be hot. You’re in England, so dip your fish in malted vinegar for an unexpected twist. Add a Harp Lager draft to your meal to complete the flavor palate.

Via Napoli


PizzaPiccante Pizza

You might be able to get pizza anywhere these days, but this pizza isn’t your average Domino’s pie. Ingredients that are authentic to Naples, including Naples-inspired water brought from out of state, create the foundation of the pizza. Customers are urged to build-their-own, choosing from toppings like pepperoni, eggplant, sausage, arugula, artichokes, prosciutto and more. The table-service eatery, one of the only on this list, is a bit pricier than other options with an individual pie running $17.

La Cantina de San Angel


la-cantina-de-san-angel-tacos-de-carneTacos de Carne

This Mexican joint has it all: views of the lagoon, strong margaritas and tasty tacos. It’s a fantastic option for dinner, as the vibe is totally relaxed, there’s an ideal view of Illuminations, and an average price point of $12 is affordable for dinner. Sink your teeth into tacos de barbacoa, topped with tomatoes, onions and cilantro, for a hearty taste of old Mexico. Served with rice and beans, you can easily get full with this meal. However, I love guacamole so an order of guac and chips is a must. Fresh-made with a hint of lime, it’s the perfect accompaniment.

Katsura Grill


kg-spicy-tuna-rollSpicy Tuna Roll

Craving sushi? Basic-yet-delicious spicy tuna and California rolls are a light snack, and at less than $9, affordable too. Other quick hunger fixes on the cheap are miso soup and edamame. For a full meal, opt for the tempura shrimp udon, a noodle soup; and the teriyaki beef, thinly-sliced and served with steamed rice and vegetables. All meals average around $10. Katsura’s outside seating in a lantern-lined Japanese Garden surrounding the Seven Seas Lagoon adds to the appeal.

Ashley Dickey is Reserve Orlando‘s travel expert, visiting Orlando to find the best travel tips, money-saving deals and insider information. With over 10 years of experience in first-hand-travel adventures, she shares her stories, advice, and current events to help you stay in the know.

Thank you so much for your insight, Ashley! What are some of your favorite Cheap Eats at Epcot? Do any of Ashley’s make your list?


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