Lunch at Studio Catering Co.


Back in March, the Disney Parks Blog announced new menu items coming to Studio Catering Co. at Hollywood Studios. I finally decided to give the Pulled Beef Brisket Sandwich which caught my eye a try. It features Braised Beef Brisket, Muenster Cheese, Arugula, and Horseradish Sauce on a Ciabatta Roll. The sandwich is served with French Fries (although I meant to request the House-made Chips served with some other items on the menu).

studio-catering-company-pulled-brisket-sandwich© Disney

The presentation of the sandwich in real life is pretty good in comparison to the promo shot. I ordered the sandwich just as the restaurant opened, and the sandwich itself tasted fresh, although the fries seemed they had been sitting for a while based on temperature.



A lot of the Horseradish Sauce was absorbed into the Ciabatta, but you can still see a fair amount on the beef, which itself was very tender. I didn’t really taste much horseradish flavor, however. The arugula added a bit of snap and peppery bite. The Muenster seemed a bit lost in some bites, losing out in flavor to the arugula, but the few bites where its flavor was more detectable were nice.


The French Fries were as expected, though looking a bit pale in color. As I mentioned before, their temperature was on the cool side, but they were cooked through.


Here’s a look at the menu:





For comparison, here’s a look at the menu from June 2014:




Overall, I wish I hadn’t forgotten to ask for the House-made Chips in lieu of the French Fries. Regardless, the sandwich was filling and I couldn’t eat it all, especially when paired with the fries. While the beef was tender, I was hoping for some more flavor from it. I think I’m spoiled by Matt’s smoker for these types of things. I’d still order it again, though not before trying some of the other menu items.

Have you tried any of the (relatively) new menu items from Studio Catering Co.? Which did you order, and what were your thoughts?


3 responses to “Lunch at Studio Catering Co.

  1. Sad about the lack of horseradish flavor, but otherwise interesting! I hear good things about the turkey and cheese panini but I’m sad that the grilled veggie sandwich is gone.

  2. I am now officially hungry lol… 🙂

  3. Jenn – I didn’t mind it not being horseradish-y, but if you’re going to advertise it as such, it probably should have more of said flavor. 🙂