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The Fall 2015 Mickey Monitor is out, and for once, Matt and I each received a copy and on the same day. This basically never happens. Either one or the other gets a copy, or we receive them weeks apart. Anyway, this issue has a bunch of information on Food & Wine, so let’s take a look! You can click for larger images as well.


As we know, the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary and runs from September 25 through November 16. Being introduces are several “Buds” representing different Flavors. They kind of give me a Kitchen Kabaret vibe. We also know that the kiosks are expanding past World Showcase and into Future World.


The cast of The Chew will be at the Festival from October 7-9.

mickey-monitor-fall-2015-4 mickey-monitor-fall-2015-5

Party for the Senses will be held on Saturdays from 7-9:30 on October 3, 10, 17, 24, & 31. There will be three special themed nights: October 10 will host select cast from The Chew, October 24 will feature Disney chefs from around the world, and October 31 will be an Elegant Halloween.


Being introduced this year is Remy’s Hide & Squeak, a scavenger hunt (available for purchase) to find the hidden Remys around World Showcase. Once the mission is completed,  you earn a special surprise. Passholder-exclusive merchandise is also available.


Passholders receive a 10% dining discount during lunch and dinner at select restaurants. They also receive a 15% the Food & Wine Ultimate VIP Tour Experience as well as other select tours.

mickey-monitor-fall-2015-14 mickey-monitor-fall-2015-15 mickey-monitor-fall-2015-16 mickey-monitor-fall-2015-17

A separate cardstock piece was featured with information on how passholders can receive a commemorative 20th Anniversary port wine glass.

mickey-monitor-fall-2015-excerpt-1 mickey-monitor-fall-2015-excerpt-2

There will also be 12 trading cards of the Taste Buds to collect.

mickey-monitor-fall-2015-excerpt-3 mickey-monitor-fall-2015-excerpt-4

Stepping away from Food & Wine, there is a feature on the new Harambe Market at Animal Kingdom. There is also a recipe for the Beef Gyro Flatbread.

mickey-monitor-fall-2015-20 mickey-monitor-fall-2015-21

There is also a feature on two new shops at Disney Springs: Vivoli il Gelato and Joffrey’s Tea Traders Cafe.

mickey-monitor-fall-2015-26 mickey-monitor-fall-2015-27

Finally was a feature on Jockey Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, slated to open this fall.

mickey-monitor-fall-2015-28 mickey-monitor-fall-2015-29

There’s certainly a lot to look forward to this fall at WDW! I’m definitely looking forward to Food & Wine and Jock Lindsey’s. What are you looking forward to?


4 responses to “Fall 2015 Mickey Monitor Food News

  1. We’ve had annual passes since 2002 and have only received 6 or 7 Mickey Monitors… Never got any of the AP magnets for the car either.
    We’re planning to do WAY FEWER events at Food & Wine this year; I’m still hoping that this horribly hot summer will be followed by a cooler autumn for the Festival (but I’m not holding my breath).
    Looking forward to Jock Lindsey’s too!

  2. The Elegant Halloween themed Party for the Senses almost make me want to drop the money again to do this. The last PFTS we went to was a freaking madhouse & I didn’t feel that it was worth the money anymore. I’ve done the Grand Tasting at the New Orleans Food & Wine Experience a couple of times & that was around $110 per person. More restaurants, better wine, and the proceeds all go to charity. I’m a sucker for Halloween though. Might actually have to give this some thought.

  3. Jennifer – I love Halloween as well, but I’ve heard horror stories like yours regarding PFTS.
    Nora – We both received our magnets last year, and Matt received a second magnet this year. I hear you regarding the heat. It’s been brutal!

  4. Ronald Rickerds

    Suggest that “Mickey Monitor” readers would be better “served” if all events happenings in each park/Downtown Disney/Disney Springs were included relative to the area being addressed?? Are we referring to Disney Springs or Downtown Disney?? because Downtown Disney is evolving into Disney Springs, so let all references be related to Disney Springs?? as Downtown Disney is being phased out….

    Place all topics relating to and happening at each park be noted within that park’s “chapter” s stuff! All happenings within Epcot should be corralled in the Epcot chapter, the Animal Kingdom’s events/comments within the Animal Kingdom’s areas of expertise???? et al….

    If this ‘directory’ is followed, the reader is not left ‘searching’ through the entire Mickey Monitor issue for an article relating to a specific place at a specific time, and at a specific event and would make the reader’s life a little easier:-) The ‘CALENDAR’ is a start, please include these restaurants in the specific locations where they are being developed….

    What happened to the Adventurers Club/lodge and bar and Armadillos, Mannequins???….. Gone and Forgotten?????