Dinner at Pinocchio Village Haus


The last time we went to Pinocchio Village Haus, it wasn’t a great experience. Fast forward a little over a year, and we found ourselves at the restaurant under different circumstances: heavy rains and a hungry party of 7 including two kids. There were few guests in line to order food, but as you can imagine, virtually all of the tables were taken. We managed to snag a table for four and squeeze ourselves in. Of all the times they could really use a cast member allowing only guests with food access to seating… So you can imagine the chaotic scene.


I grabbed some quick food photos while everyone was getting settled. Matt ordered the Chicken Alfredo, which comes with a Caesar Side Salad. The chicken look to be the same as what is served on their entree Caesar Salad, which isn’t a good thing based on our last experience. Matt did put a good dent into the dish, especially after adding a bit of crushed red pepper and Parmesan for a flavor boost, but left a fair portion behind. I think it was mostly in part to the fact that we were the least hungry of everyone grabbing dinner. If he’s in the mood for pasta, he’ll choose Mama Melrose’s at Hollywood Studios before returning here.

He took a few bites of the Caesar Side Salad, but it went mostly uneaten. I could tell he wasn’t very hungry when I saw he left a few croutons behind! 😉


Having had the Caprese Flatbread several years ago and enjoying it, I decided to give the Pepperoni Flatbread a try. The flat is sliced into 8 pieces, though the pepperoni is placed with 3-4 slices per quadrant. The cuts didn’t quite go all the way through, so I found myself tearing at this a bit (there was no turning back for a knife at this point). I added a lot of crushed red pepper and some Parmesan to add a bit more flavor, and it was good. I will also note that there was a LOT of cheese on this, which may very well have been a fluke. I wasn’t complaining.

The kids’ meal portion is half of a flat (plain cheese or pepperoni), and, especially when paired with accompanying grapes and yogurt, would have been more than enough for me (especially based on my lack of appetite at the time). I know this lesson from when I ordered the Vegetarian Flatbread at Electric Umbrella in Epcot, and I neglected to employ it.


One of the kids ordered the Macaroni & Cheese. If you get mac & cheese at Disney when it’s fresh, it’s quite good.  But for some three-year-olds, they would rather eat the grapes and yogurt.


The nine-year-old went with the standby of the Chicken Breast Nuggets, which are also served with grapes and yogurt, not fries as in this reference picture below.


Another in our party ordered the Tomato Basil Soup, which was the highlight of our last trip to PVH.


Pinocchio Village Haus isn’t a restaurant we visit often, but due to the size of our party without a table service reservation and the inclement weather, we made it work. We were able to stay dry, grab a quick meal, and strategize our next move. There was something on the menu for everyone in our party, and we made it work. That being said, unless something new and interesting makes it way to the menu, it will be a while before I feel the need to return.

Do you visit Pinocchio Village Haus on your trips to the Magic Kingdom? What is your favorite item to order?


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